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  1. Got it. Thanks. Stupid question: where's the option to toggle that in case I want to do that?
  2. After updating to, I noticed that the ground reference line on the a330 wasn't on the horizon when I'm on the ground. In previous versions, that ground reference line was on the horizon when on the ground and would expand downward as I began climbing in altitude. I know other airbuses are like this, but is this how it should be on the a330? I feel like the ground reference line and downward degree markings should be hidden until airborne like on other airbus models but I'm not sure.
  3. So it looks like the issues with responsiveness were fixed by mapping to FSUIPC, and have stayed fixed since. Interesting how this works.
  4. I'm in my descent phase and I just noticed that when I extend the speedbrakes, sometimes the extension is uneven between the right and the left wings:
  5. Great news so far: I may have found a work around. I decided to configure the control axes of my joystick with FSUIPC rather than assign those axes using the standard P3D Axis Assignments under the control menu. I sent it direct to FSUIPC for calibration (kept the slopes for both elevator and aileron axes at 0), and what a difference. All of a sudden it's extremely stable. I just flew a perfect manual approach. I took off and I was able to control it perfectly without any fighting - I was having such an easy time with responsiveness I hand flew it up to 15000 feet, which I would never have been able to do before. No more uncontrolled or delayed banking or pitching, and when I stop telling the plane to turn, it stops turning. It's completely responsive now. I'm not sure how much I compromised the realism of the feel of the aircraft for responsiveness, but as it is now, the aircraft still feels heavy like I feel like it should, but just as responsive as all my other addons now. In other words it feels just like it did before but without the unresponsiveness. It must have been with the way this aircraft was reading the controls from P3D. Once I switched to FSUIPC, it seems to have gone away. Before you close this topic, I'll fly around a bit more, and give another update in the coming days.
  6. Like I said, I find it weird that it's only the Aerosoft products. And even when we take out the variable of aircraft type with the Aerosoft vs FSLabs, the Aerosoft is the one with the issues. And even across Windows and P3D installations it still persists.
  7. Once last thing to add, in order to show that I feel like this is a responsiveness issue and not a heaviness issue, I’d like to talk also about my experience with the Aerosoft A318-A321 series. Now, I haven’t used that product since I was with FSX, so it might’ve changed a lot since then but when I had it, but I had a chance to try the smaller buses and also had a very hard time flying stable approaches even in calm weather because the responsiveness simply felt mushy. It wasn’t a heaviness issue. This was the number 1 reason why I switched to the FSLabs A320. Since the Aerosoft a320 and the FSL A320 model the same aircraft, this should isolate the variable of aircraft type. And yet, using the FSL a320, even in gusty conditions, my approaches were stable. Even though both products handled like lighter aircraft, the FSL product was so much more responsive and smooth, making it much easier to control and correct for small deviations. When it comes to heaviness, an a330 should simply require more muscle power to do the same maneuvers, but the execution of the inputs from the flight stick should still feel connected with what the plane is doing, and in my experience, and in the experience of many others, it appears the reason why the Aerosoft a318-321 and a330s are so hard to fly isn’t due to heaviness but because it feels like what I’m telling the plane to do with my joystick is disconnected with what the plane actually does. As a result, flying the Aerosoft a330 turns into a wrestling match between the user and the aircraft.
  8. I'm running of the a330, and I find it to be completely uncontrollable and unflyable, especially on approach. My trim settings are correct, I've reinstalled a couple times, made sure my joystick calibration is correct. It is simply uncontrollable. Whenever I'm manually flying an approach, I make even the slightest nudge to my Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog, and the a330, after a slight delay, slowly begins rolling to the direction I nudged my joystick, and it simply continues rolling. In an effort to correct for this, I nudge the joystick in the other direction, and that causes it to overturn to the other direction. Eventually the a330 makes a sharp bank of over 10 degrees and I'm panicking trying to correct this and I simply can't. For me, it is impossible to fly a stable approach on this aircraft. The responsiveness is too slow and too extreme at the same time. Trust me, it's not that the aircraft is a heavy aircraft. I've tried this at many different payloads. It's a strange feeling of the controls being both sluggish and overly sensitive at the same time. I still find that there's a response lag for the joystick, and once the aircraft starts pitching or banking in one direction, it's extremely difficult to make the corrections necessary because (a) there's a lag time, so I try to correct, but once I realize I've overcorrected, I need to overcorrect in the other direction, but the aircraft is still busy executing my first correction, etc etc and (b) whenever I do correct, it's either too slow, or the plane violent pitches or banks - the perfect ingredients for an unflyable aircraft and a complete disaster of an approach. I get that this plane isn't the 777, or the 787, or the 747, or the 737 or a320. The difference between this though and the other aircraft has always been the responsiveness to the controls, and I know this topic has been brought up before. Hear me, there's a difference between responsiveness and heaviness. The a330 is a heavy aircraft - that has been made clear, I get that. But these issues are clearly more than just heaviness. It's the responsiveness of the aircraft to the user inputs. Whatever has happened, it has made it such that there is no middle ground in responsiveness for this aircraft - either my corrections are too little, or the plane makes a drastic jerk, which once in that position, is obviously impossible to correct because the controls are so slow to implement in the aircraft that you've been on the ground for 5 seconds before the software realizes I've been pulling my joystick in the other direction for a good 10 seconds. To use an overused comparison, I find the 777 to feel heavy (easily heavier than the 737 and a320), rightly so, but I don't feel that it's unresponsive. If I need to bank 5 degrees to the left, it feels heavy, yet very natural to do that. I know that I can gently tilt my joystick to the left, and once it gets close to 5 degrees, if I were to put my joystick on neutral, the plane due to inertia may slowly continue banking so I'll gently move the joystick to the right to a slightly lesser degree than I moved it left in order to stabilize the turn. But on this a330, if I gently turn my joystick to the left, if I start moving my joystick to the right to stabilize said turn, the aircraft keeps turning left for another 1.5 seconds, leading to me overshooting drastically the 5 degree bank angle. So maybe it's a good idea to correct a tiny bit more to the right. So I try that, but this time, the plane violent banks right. No middle ground, and very slow (again, not heavy). There's nothing natural about this. Different planes feel different, rightly so, but I don't think pilots should feel like they're fighting the aircraft. Pilots generally say that planes will fly themselves, that's not the case here. This must be looked at. I know a lot of work has gone into this, but as it is now, I simply cannot fly it. It's just frustrating because I paid $70 for a product that I never got to try out, and now I'm stuck with it. So this must be fixed.
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