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  1. Got it. Thanks. Stupid question: where's the option to toggle that in case I want to do that?
  2. After updating to, I noticed that the ground reference line on the a330 wasn't on the horizon when I'm on the ground. In previous versions, that ground reference line was on the horizon when on the ground and would expand downward as I began climbing in altitude. I know other airbuses are like this, but is this how it should be on the a330? I feel like the ground reference line and downward degree markings should be hidden until airborne like on other airbus models but I'm not sure.
  3. So it looks like the issues with responsiveness were fixed by mapping to FSUIPC, and have stayed fixed since. Interesting how this works.
  4. I'm in my descent phase and I just noticed that when I extend the speedbrakes, sometimes the extension is uneven between the right and the left wings:
  5. Great news so far: I may have found a work around. I decided to configure the control axes of my joystick with FSUIPC rather than assign those axes using the standard P3D Axis Assignments under the control menu. I sent it direct to FSUIPC for calibration (kept the slopes for both elevator and aileron axes at 0), and what a difference. All of a sudden it's extremely stable. I just flew a perfect manual approach. I took off and I was able to control it perfectly without any fighting - I was having such an easy time with responsiveness I hand flew it up to 15000 feet, which I would never have bee
  6. Like I said, I find it weird that it's only the Aerosoft products. And even when we take out the variable of aircraft type with the Aerosoft vs FSLabs, the Aerosoft is the one with the issues. And even across Windows and P3D installations it still persists.
  7. Once last thing to add, in order to show that I feel like this is a responsiveness issue and not a heaviness issue, I’d like to talk also about my experience with the Aerosoft A318-A321 series. Now, I haven’t used that product since I was with FSX, so it might’ve changed a lot since then but when I had it, but I had a chance to try the smaller buses and also had a very hard time flying stable approaches even in calm weather because the responsiveness simply felt mushy. It wasn’t a heaviness issue. This was the number 1 reason why I switched to the FSLabs A320. Since the Aerosoft a320 and the F
  8. I'm running of the a330, and I find it to be completely uncontrollable and unflyable, especially on approach. My trim settings are correct, I've reinstalled a couple times, made sure my joystick calibration is correct. It is simply uncontrollable. Whenever I'm manually flying an approach, I make even the slightest nudge to my Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog, and the a330, after a slight delay, slowly begins rolling to the direction I nudged my joystick, and it simply continues rolling. In an effort to correct for this, I nudge the joystick in the other direction, and that causes it to over
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