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  1. you can use Ezdok so u can custom ur views and moving around all the cockpit smoothly by just one click , after using this perfect app i don't need to any 2D cockpits or pop-up screens
  2. i was hating airbus before aerosoft airbus X due to the bad simulation from Wilco and other companies , but now i started to adore this bird after using aerosoft airbus from 2 weeks , i can't wait the new A330 and i hope to tell me when is the release date ? i can't read 133 page to understand whats happening here and what is the meaning of 2017 version of A320 ?
  3. yes that,s right , thanks too much i will convert fs9 partition to NTFS Now
  4. of course there is more than 40GB Free space at fs9 partition , OS Windows Xp 64bit another question please , Aerosoft Frankfurt scenery 2008 RWY25R Working with old ils frequency 109.50 but the current new ils frequency for this runway now is 111.55 , there is any updates released for this airport to update ils frequencies for the Airport ? Thanks
  5. Hello Guys i have BIG problem when i try to install Mallorca X V1.0 For FS9 i got this message so can any body help me? what i have to do?
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