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  1. I can't see nothing on the high panel, all is black. If you give me some email, i'll send you a screenshot
  2. Thank you very much for the all liveries. I use P3Dv4.3 Viva Air Airbus A320 Claudia Obando (HK-5273) ok JetSMART Airbus A320 Jaguar (LV-HVT) ok JetSMART Airbus A320 Loica (CC-AWC) ok JetSMART Airbus A320 Martín Pescador (CC-AWB) ok But the follow aicrafts have the overhead panel textures are wrong (all black) SKY Airbus A320 CC-ABW SKY Airbus A320neo CC-AZC ¡Vámos Perú! SKY Airbus A320neo CC-AZG NatGeo SKY Airbus A320neo CC-AZI SKY Airbus A320neo CC-AZK
  3. This work is perfect, why not Aer Lingus. That's a mistery Thank you
  4. Yes, I did it manually too. Everything works fine except the overhead that is seen in black, anyway thanks again
  5. I installed it with the Livery Manager of Airbus Professional but the overhead is black. Anyway thanks for the reply
  6. It doesn't work in P3Dv4, it's a shame Airbus Professional
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