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  1. Thanks. It looks good to me. I was thinking about doing the same thing. You saved me some work.
  2. I didn't see these in the list of the ones painted so I thought I would throw them out there. BTW, AFAIK, the Spirit old colors are still current on their A321s. Thanks. http://www.airliners.net/photo/Spirit-Airlines/Airbus-A321-231/1693551/M/ http://www.airliners.net/photo/Israir/Airbus-A320-232/1760438/M/
  3. I was actually looking for a way to merge it with the PA A319 and A318. If you wanted to use it with an A330, the freeware Thomas Ruth model would be the one to check out because it is the only FSX native A330 model that I am aware of. The key is to have separate interior and exterior .mdls. Someone did try to merge it with the PA A319 at AVSIM and said it didn't work. I sounded like there was some sort of security feature or something that prevented it from displaying. I have been able to merge those with the default A321 VC so I plan to check it out for myself when I get a chance. Either way, I am sure you would have performance issues due to the complexity of the Aerosoft product and may have to edit the aircraft.cfg.
  4. Use FSX to assign and calibrate the axis.
  5. The CLS MD 80 had a very similar issue. I believe they issued a fix by email for the people that were having issues. I don't know what the fix was. If you guys know Albert Bouwman, maybe you can ask him what he found. FYI - I didn't have the problem with the MD80 or your Airbus. FSX+Acceleration, Windows 7 Pro 64Bit, FSUIPC registered version
  6. How does this affect AES? F10 is used with AES. Honestly, I don't see the need for these hotkeys at all. EZDok takes care of all the cameras anyone could need. I do agree with the statement that add ons should work with current set ups rather than requiring people to reconfigure things. As great as this product appears to be, you can't assume that we will never fly anything else.
  7. As far as the camera issues, you guys to try EZDok. You can set a camera any where you want with effects or no effects. It is essential in a VC only aircraft IMHO. As for a request of mine - I would love to see a state offered where the aircraft is powered up just before push back and engine start. It would be a compromise between cold and dark and engines running.
  8. Finn, Thank you for your response. I am getting conflicting reports on other forums. Does it work or not? Will I be disappointed based on what I have said in this thread? What is your refund policy?
  9. Hi Bob, (is this the same bob I am talking with at AVSIM?, if so, sorry for the double post) Here is my concern. It is what I just posted at AVSIM. I am flying the Airbus. Axis Y is mapped to engine 1 and axis Z is mapped to engine 2. The assignments are done in an airbus profile in FSUIPC and in FSX. Now I switch to a single engine prop. In FSUIPC, Axis Y is now mapped to throttle and axis Z is mapped to prop pitch in FSUIPC with a single engine prop profile. In FSX, however, axis Z is still mapped to engine 2. Won't this cause a bunch of problems? Since FSX doesn't do profiles, won't FSX continue to send Airbus assignments to my single engine prop? FSX and FSUIPC will conflict and I will end up with strange results?
  10. Hello, I want to buy the Airbus but I am having a little trouble understanding the issues regarding the throttles, FSUIPC and Saitek TQ's. Since I have not purchased the product yet, I can't find a way to access the manual that describes how to assign and calibrate TQ's. I have a registered version of FSUIPC and the Saitek TQ. If you are familiar with the Saitek TQ, you know that you do not set a reverse zone with them. All of my Assignments are done through FSUIPC. From the FSUIPC Manual: "IMPORTANT: Before making any assignments in FSUIPC4, you should be sure that the same axes are not being assigned in FS itself. This isn't as easy as it sounds, because when FS sees a new control attached it does automatic assignments. If you just want to use FSUIPC4 to program the odd axis, but leave the rest to FS, then it is best to just go into FS's assignment dialogues and de-assign the axis you want FSUIPC4 to handle. But be sure to check this on your next load of FS, just in case it gets reassigned automatically. It does happenespecially if you are in the habit of unplugging your USB devices!" This means two things to me: don't unplug and reconnect USB hardware; don't use FSX and FSUIPC when assigning axes. I guess the main problem I am having, based on what I have read on the forums today, is it seems like I would have to reassign my throttles in FSX every time I want to use the Airbus and delete them every time I want to fly something else. After all, I can set up a profile in FSUIPC but I can't in FSX. Does the Aerosoft Airbus work with FSUIPC and the Saitek TQ? Can you calibrate and assign in FSUIPC only? Is the Aerosoft Airbus going to work with all of my other buttons programmed through FSUIPC for my Saitek TQ's (Flaps axis, Spoilers axis, buttons...) Can anyone elaborate on how to set up the Saitek TQ, FSUIPC and the Aerosoft Airbus? I would like to know what I am getting in to before I buy. Thanks.
  11. Yes, thank you for all of your hard work. I have gotten to the point that I usually only buy airports after AES has worked on them. I did buy the FSDT DFW before the AES release but I assumed an airport of that quality would eventually have AES support. I am sure it will have AES support when it is ready. The point is that AES has become an incredibly important part of my FS experience and I have stopped buying add ons from companies that don't support AES (including one very well known developer). Please don't stop the party Oliver. For FSX, the party has really just begun.
  12. I may have posed this a few years ago but I still think it would be the perfect project for Aerosoft. I know it would be a big seller and I know I would pay a lot for it. One of the most popular holiday destinations in the world is very poorly represented in FSX (and FS9) - Cancun, Cozumel and Riviera Maya. This area has 100's of hotels/resorts and four airports including two international airports. In FSX, none of the resorts and very little of the cities are represented. In fact, they completly omitted one airport - Playa Del Carmen. The area is one of the top destinations for Americans outside of the US and it is very popular with Canadians as well. It is also becoming a popular destination for Europeans (especially Brits). There is a version of MMUN by TropicalSim that is OK but it doesn't address the rest of the region. This is what I would love to see: Mesh and accurate land/water class for the entire area (Isla Mujeres to Tulum) Isla Mujeres Airport, city and hotels Cancun Airport Cancun Downtown and Hotel Zone Riveria Maya Resorts Playa Del Carmen Airport, city and resorts Cozumel Airport, city and resorts Ferry traffic between Cancun and Isla Mujeres Ferry Traffic between Playa Del Carmen and Cozumel. This could be one of the greatest packages ever created for FSX if it is done right. It would appeal to people across the globe. It would appeal to people that like VFR flying and those that like to fly heavies across the pond. It is a destination for European charters, American and Canadian charters, US and Canadian legacy carriers, US and Canadian low-cost carriers, Mexican airlines, South American airlines, Caribbean Airlines, Central American Airlines... Take on this project, make a lot of money and put it towards AFS2012. Thanks for listening.
  13. So no one this it is difficult to find out whether a airport has been requested?
  14. Hello, Part of my decision process for purchasing scenery is whether it is, or will be AES compatible. As a result, I always search this forum to see if there is any discussion about the scenery I am considering. I believe the airport requests thread is too long to be usable. Maybe I am missing something but it seems like the Aerosoft forum search will only take you to a thread and not a page in a thread. This means you have to search through 21 pages of requests to find out if something has been requested. Redoing the process or consolidating the thread would help people see what has been requested and it would also cut down on duplicates. Thanks.
  15. Is the traffic on the highway in the screenshots static or is it the FSX road traffic? If it is the FSX traffic, how are the crossing gates managed?
  16. That all makes sense. I guess what I am finding puzzling is that the person that did the FDE for it isn't chiming in. As much as I appreciate the input, I am looking for support from the entity that created the add on. The title of the forum is the "MS FS - Aircraft Discussions & Support" Do I need to start a new thread to receive support from the creator? Thanks
  17. Shaun, why doesn't Aerosoft fix the problem?
  18. Thanks. Is this the official response from Aerosoft that was mentioned above? I can't go to 11% reverse thrust fast enough. I have tried starting the engines with reverse thrust but they still go full throttle and then reverse. Reverse thrust is not automatic. To program it with Saitek throttles you program a button in FSUIPC to decrease throttle and repeat while held. This produces a very accurate feel for most aircraft as increase/decrease in thrust is gradual and not instantaneous. Although this may work in some situations, I can't see how it is a fix or the proper way to start the engines. I am not the only one that has this issue. Other people have confirmed the problem at AVSIM.
  19. I have done a search for the advertised fix in this thread and I couldn't find it. Could someone please explain how to start the Twin Otter on land, water and show without the aircraft lurching forward?
  20. I'll probably put off buying it unitil it has AES support. I guess it is the negative side of AES for Aerosoft is that a lot of people won't use scenery anymore that dosn't have AES support. I would probably but some stuff from Blueprint but now AES support means no purchase for me. Of course, I'm sure Male will be done at some point.
  21. I am really interested in this scenery and I will likely buy it. I have missed my old Lago scenery since I switched over to FSX. I must say that you guys are being a little dishonest here able the ai issue. You are omitting that they can convert all of their WofAI traffic over to FSX style really easily. I'm not saying that you should give instructions but not telling them is a lie by omission. Are you doing this to get more people to by MyTraffic2010? There are some sacrifices with concverted traffic namely that you can't enable shadows on some scenery but why completely omit the fact that the traffic can be converted? I have a ton of world of AI on my system working side by side with ships and a full compliment of Ultimate Traffic 2 AI. -Jeff
  22. I noticed this as well over the last couple days. I didn't realize that the issue was tied in to the atc window. Good to know until it is fixed.
  23. Hello, Thanks you for all of the great work on AES. After installing it, I almost never flew to non AES airports. I had a complete HD crash and lost my AES folder. I was using it with FS9 and I do have a old back up from AES2.0. I am reinstalling in to FSX only. What files, if any, should I copy over to the AES2.4 install in FSX? Or, is there a way I can install from scratch while retaining the airports I purchased. I do have acces to the serial numbers that I purchased from Simmarket. Lastly, do I have to have the default moving jetways enabled to use the AES moving jetways? I am using AES with Ultimate Traffic 2 for FSX. Thanks You. -Jeff
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