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  1. Thanks. That's what I was thinking but I wasn't sure. I emailed Taxi 2 Gate as well. Their forum is a ghost town.
  2. When you say some files, do you mean the scenery package or an update? The scenery package has been released. I just bought it based on it being AES compatible. If it is a update we need, you we get it from them or from you? Thanks for the update. I bought 5 new packages today based on the 2.09 release.
  3. Bump. IMHO, this is one of the sharpest liveries on the A321 and I am suprised no one wants to do it.
  4. I love the ORBX stuff but this is the single issue keeping me from buying more of their airports. Unfortunately, I didn't see that they had no interest in AES until after I bought YBBN. I think they said they are going to implement a system of their own but that defeats one of the key advantaged for AES - you don't have to remember separate procedures for each airport. Jetway and parking features have been around for years but I never used them until AES came around.
  5. Thanks you very much! We can now fly the A321 in the US. Only one more carrier to go.
  6. Although I wasn't mentioned, I too want to apologize if I offended any FREEWARE painters out there. My post was solely directed at AEROSOFT - a company that placed the responsibility of creating a full spectrum of repaints on the backs of talented volunteers rather than releasing several paints, like similar companies, with similar products at similar price points.
  7. He did offer to give his work to someone else to finish. Maybe someone may want to finish it for him? Considering that they are the #2 operator of the A321 in the world, I would have though Aerosoft would have included it with original download or in their " dozens of other paints available shortly after release". Only two operators of the A321 in the US and neither of them have been painted. This is what you get when you deal with a euro-centric company. I realize freeware artists paint what they want, when they want. Aerosoft should have included them in the first place. They also should have included Jet Blue, United, China Eastern, TAM...
  8. Since I don't think that the A321 that has been painted will ever be released, would anyone consider taking it on? There are only two operators of the A321 in the US and the older gray colors are still the current colors for the A321. Thanks
  9. If you are parked at a location with a jetway, you will get a jetway. If you are parked at a location without a jetway, you will get stairs. You can avoid both if you do not configure the door for a jetway/stairs (you may do this with a CRJ that has its own stairs).
  10. I'd love to see the A321 as the grey livery is still the current one. Someone posted pics of a paint 8 months ago but is has never been released. It seems like no one else will paint it because it has already been done.
  11. FYI, they speak Portuguese in Brazil.
  12. I agree, the product is not perfect but it is certainly flyable. In fact, I has been flyable from day one for me. I read the manual and did the tutorial flight. Did you read the manual and do the tutorial flight?
  13. I didn't think they would consider it just based on the fact that they seem to stick to Europe or that area for their in-house development and the US Cities products aren't made by Aerosoft, but rather LimeSim, then sold thru Aerosoft as far as I understand it. I didn't realize it was LimeSim. I guess I should bug them too If they would include night textures then perhaps, but I will not or never buy day only scenery. I didn't even realize they don't have night textures but I usually fly during the day anyway. In tropical areas, I always fly during the day. BTW, I don't recall you ever mentioning this idea anywhere before, lol. Funny, I thought I was beating a dead horse about the issue on all of the forums I also asked PW Sceneries because it seems like it would be right up their alley (and Free). Paul did show interest but they are a one man operation with a lot to do ahead if considering new stuff.
  14. John, I do appreciate all of the work you guys have put in to the paints. Believe me, I do. I have downloaded many. If I gave you the impression that your or JanKees paints were not good quality, I apologize. I was referring to the obvious mistakes on the official US Airways A320 that were also fixed by a volunteer painter. Also, thanks for the list. I did see your collage and that was enough for me. I was more interested in the ones that were not included in your or JanKees collages and have been painted but not released - those are the paints that remain a mystery. They may be included in a gigantic 9 month old thread but to read 47 pages to find out if someone is working on something is a little annoying. I was referencing the level of value of this product. The QW came with tons of paints ready to go. Both products are at the same price point. The product pages says that dozens will be released shortly. Basically, you guys spent a bunch of time doing work that Aerosoft should have done in the first place. The problem with waiting for community paints is people paint what they want to paint - I completely understand that. The fact remains that I can't fly an A321 in the US because only two airlines operate it - Spirit and US Airways - both of which have not been released. Aerosoft should have included at least one of these. As to why I think some that were in the preview there may never be released, it came from this post in the liveries forum: heliapin said, "It seems that Aerosoft won´t create such packages. That´s the reason why our paints have been uploaded to the download section. Maybe there are some more paints in progress and I´m not sure what happened to some of the paints announced in the preview thread but I think some won´t be released." Helipin also said that he is working on the US Airways A321 so I am looking forward to that one. To all of you that have released freeware paints, the comment were not directed at you. They are directed at Aerosoft.
  15. Why not just create a overhead camera with EZDok? It takes 30 seconds. With EZDok, the Airbus X views are unneeded
  16. Hi Sean. As you probably know, I push this project when ever I can. I do have the TS version and it is not bad for the airport - at least it is current with the new runway and T3. I'd love to see it done by Aerosft in the same fashion as the US Cities series. Why do you think they would not consider it? Aside from FT's VHHX, Aerosoft is really the only developer that will do entire cities. In addition, they could use a little presence in Latin America. Latin VFR seems to be focusing on South America at the moment and FT seems to be interested in smaller airports at the moment. If Aerosoft did it, do you think it would be a good seller?
  17. That's not what I am getting on the liveries forum. Maybe an official statement would clear things up? How do other developers deal with those issues when they release a ton of paints with the initial product release?
  18. Wow, 181 views but not a lot of support. I am really surprised. After buying Manhattan, Buffalo and Gibraltar in the last month or so, I know you guys could do this project and make money doing it. I also believe you are they only company that could do it right. Of course, Cancun/Mayan Riviera is a popular destination for Americans and Canadians (one of the top foreign destinations for Americans) but it is also becoming very popular with Europeans. This project would appeal to Americans, Canadians, Latin Americas and Europeans. If you included all of the area airports (Playa Del Carmen, Isla Mujeres, Cancun and Cozumel) it would appeal to those that fly heavies, GA or smaller jets. Want to fly Russian aircraft? Cubana services MMUN. Want to island hop? Isla Mujeres and Cozumel will fit the bill. Not to mention all of the Mayan ruins that stretch along the coast down to Tulum... I honestly do not think there is a project that would have a broader appeal. Densely populated beachfront resort areas, sprawling resorts surrounded by mangroves, Islands, cenotes, Mayan ruins, and 4 airports spanning along 80 miles of stunning tropical water and reefs. Cancun is serviced by the following European Airlines: Air Europa Austrian Air Berlin Blue Panorama Condor Corsair Edelweiss Euro Atlantic First Choice Iberia Iberworld LTU Martinair Monarch My Travel Novair Pullmantur Thomas Cook
  19. Overall, I like it as well but I don't like the FDE and the lack of approach data. I don't need SIDS and STARS but I would like to be able to use the default FSX approach data. When hand flying, it is too sensitive without FBW and too heavy with FBW. Overspeed is almost impossible to avoid on descent. That being said, my last flight in this aircraft was very nice. I have experienced some odd autoland behavior in the past but disconnecting FBW and AP at 400ft worked out well for me on the last flight. It is not perfect but it is definitely flyable. I would rarely use autoland anyway. Some have questioned whether it is a good value. I would have liked a lot more paints. QW released a ton of them with their 757 - all of them high quality. Not so with this product. 2 airlines operate A321's in the US and they couldn't even include 1 of them in the package? The preview thread included a bunch of paints that I have not seen released. I was under the impression that this aircraft was going to be similar to most in the fact they many common repaints would be readily available as your find with QW and CS. Not so. From the product page, "Iberia, Niki, BA, US Airways, Air Berlin, Air France, Alitalia and Lufthansa included, dozens of other paints available shortly after release." This statement, combined with the preview thread left me with the impression that dozens of official paints would be released. Instead, we have to beg for paints or start painting them ourselves.
  20. For the most part, yes. I will buy an airport that I really like if I think it will eventually get support.
  21. Bump. I had not seen this repaint mentioned in this forum before making the original post in this thread. I was told that this paint had already been done; however, it has never been posted. I am not sure if it ever will be posted due to what I learned in another thread. If anyone would like to do this paint (and post it), I would really appreciate it. There are very few A321's in service in the US - all US Airways and Spirit AFAIK. Thanks again.
  22. I was under the impression that there were a number of paints that had already been done but not released on the above page. An example is the Spirit A321. I thought Aerosoft was holding on to them to release in regional packages. I wouldn't expect the painters to make such a list - you guys have already done enough. The request was directed at Aerosoft.
  23. Thanks. I thought they were packaging a bunch of liveries for release by region. Even if they were painted by volunteers, that still seems like an official product especially considering the were done prior to the public release of the paint kit. I realize that thread exists but it is 47 pages long with close to 1,000 replies. If Aerosoft is packaging them, it seems like it would be too much trouble to post a quick list of what they are packaging. Do you really want constant requests for paints that have already been done?
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