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  1. Thank you. Perfect Chanukkah gift (not a bad Christmas one either). It looks great.
  2. Hello, When I repair for push, my Carenado C208 starts with its nose in the air and its tail in the ground. I tried it with repair and without. I also tried it with no payload or fuel. If I don't repair for push, it bounces during pushback. Any ideas? Thanks.
  3. I'm sure there is an option to switch them off. It just sounds strange to be able to hear all these sounds when I am inside a sealed metal tube. It sounds like I have one of the cockpit windows open or something and that the train is right on the tarmac with me.
  4. I want to get rid of the train air horn, the sounds of the seagulls and the other ambient sounds. How can I do it? I don't see a .bgl that has "sounds" in the name. Thanks.
  5. Yes. Thank you. In addition, thank you for including the LatinVFR airports.
  6. New month, new bump. 775 views and not one word of support? Give a guy a break and say you'd like to see the paint as well so I don't feel like a complete douche
  7. Um, maybe it is the file named "LasVegas_Mesh.bgl "
  8. Hello, I have US cities Las Vegas and I understand it includes hi res mesh. The coverage area for the mesh is impacting the scenery for Laughlin/Bullhead (KIFP). I would like to restore the default mesh but keep the Vegas scenery installed. What are the files that contain the mesh for the scenery and where are they located? BTW, I also have the FSDT KLAS. Thanks! -Jeff
  9. I guess this is my monthly bump. I'd still love to see this paint.
  10. For some odd reason, when you access the AES window for the first time in a flight, the window is collapsed. Hover your pointer along the bottom edge of the window until you get an arrow. When you get the arrow, drag the bottom down until the text is visible.
  11. I agree. As I have been saying from the beginning, People that like AES will probably buy GSX and will continue to purchase AES credits. GSX will cover all airports but AES will do select airports in a customized manner. Instead of waiting for the other developer to make their next move, you guys should be working together. It will benefit both of you. I have said the same thing over at FSDT. You guys must work together. AES needs to remove the automatic marshaller, jetways and baggage loaders and place them in the menu. When I purchase GSX, I may want to use the AES jetways but the GSX baggage loaders. The bottom line is people may gravitate to GSX since it will cover every airport. I know I would buy it just to have LatinVFR's airports supported.
  12. Is this repaint on anyone's radar? I'd love to see it and I'm sure other would like it as well. Israel was all Boeing for many years so these A320's are pretty special IMHO.
  13. All the more reason for Oliver to pump out the new and improved AES Honestly, I think the main issue is to overcome duplicate marshallers and baggage loaders. Oliver, it would be great if you could remove the automatic stuff and allow us to call these items with the AES menu. I fully expect to be using both. I'll still buy AES credits and will use GSX for airports that AES doesn't cover. I think Umberto is getting that picture as well in the LAX forum. For GSX to take over AES, jetway animation and accurate pushback are musts.
  14. Actually, just got a confirmation that AMS is still in business and Cancun for FSX should be out within a month or so. I know its OT but I didn't want to leave everyone with the wrong impression.
  15. Thanks. I really thought it was already AES'd when I bought it but I must have been mistaken. It wouldn't surprise me if I made an error because I bought a tone of scenery on that order including a hasty decision to buy the AMS Cancun. AMS hasn't released an FSX version and I don't have FS9 installed - DOH! The thing that gets me annoyed is it looks like they have folded or something. Their forums are full of spam and the FSX version they promised is nowhere in sight. I fully intend to buy it AGAIN when it is released.
  16. SInce Oliver seems to be back in town, bump.
  17. Not sure if this is the case but sometimes developers release an update that is needed for AES to work. Sometimes, AES compatibility was developed on the scenery in the updated state. I would check to make sure one was not released by LatinVFR.
  18. vL1 When I first read this thread, I considered saying the same thing that Otto said. I, however, thought that it was possible your comment may have come across wrong since English is not your primary language. After reading your last comment, I now realize that you actually are a complete d-bag. Regardless of how much money Oliver is making off of his Aerosoft endeavors, you have no right to barge in here and talk to him like that. If this simple issue is making you so incredibly angry, I suggest you take up something less stressful like knitting or scrapbooking.
  19. Actually, I noticed that the FS9 version came out a month earlier than the FSX version. The FS9 version was added with the 2.11 update but I have not seen the FSX version. Usually, these are updated when the next version comes out. So, do I need to request MMMX v2 in the request thread? Is the FSX version planned for 2.14? Or is there a problem with it that means it will never get AES support? If you are waiting on the developer, I will start bugging him.
  20. I must be really confused but I though this was available for FSX. Now it is only available for FS9. Maybe it was never available? Anyway, I thought the FS9 and FSX versions were released at the same time. Is there a reason why one was supported and the other is not? Also, he released an update to the scenery (only on the FSMex forums so far) so it may need reworking anyway.
  21. I hope so because I might actually by one other than Vegas. Also, they need all seasons.
  22. In the past, Oliver has said that he doesn't do unofficial patches - only official releases. It would be great if he made an exception for this one.
  23. Nope, only happens with the AirbusX for some reason. Its honestly not a big deal but it is strange. I would bet it has someting to do with how aircraft states are saved/loaded. And considering the reception the AirbusX got in the community, I bet you will find more AirbusX users that have EZDok than EZDok users that have the AirbusX.
  24. Hello, Is anyone interested in painting a Israir A320? I would love to see it in the sim. AFAIK, there are two paints Thanks.
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