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  1. Metzgergva, thank you for your answer. Where can I find the electronisch flight bag (EFB); do you mean perhaps the tablet on the Captain's side panel in the Pro version? I have just the standard version of CRJ 700/900. By the way: is the Pro version also suitable for FSX or is in only intended for P3D?
  2. I have studied Volume 3 Tutorial Flight to practice the tutorial flight KLAX-KMRY. According to this manual pages 2-1-36 till 2-1-48 I've filled in the flightplan completely and saved it successfully (according to the instructions in FMS Guide Volume 6 pag 1-1-13) under the name KLAX:KMRY. Next I have opened this flightplan: from Route Menu, press LSK5L to get to the SEC PLN page, then press LSK5R and then EXEC. You then have the route into the primary active flightplan. However the data I have filled in earlier in the PERF MENU page / PERF INIT (pass/wt; cargo, fuel, altn crz.alt) were gone. Again I have filled in these data and again saved the flightplan, opened it however with the same results. It looks like the data in the PERF MENU page / PERF INIT cannot be saved? Or I do something wrong?
  3. Are there perhaps other forum members who might give a solution?
  4. So the question is can those FS variables be manipulated?
  5. Are there other ways to delay the closing and opening sequence of the cowl flaps when operating those switches? I think it's about the way how the switches are programmed.
  6. Thank you for your answer, but I don't know how to do that.
  7. When you want to open or shut the cowl flaps to a certain extent, you have to be very fast on activating / de-activating the switches. For instance when you want to open the flaps halfway (50%) you guess somehow (feeling) when to stop the switches. To check the position, you can hold the mouse on the switch and then you can read the position of the flaps. Most of the time the flaps are further open than supposed to be (in this case 50%) because the flaps open very fast. Furthermore, in turbulence it's difficult to adjust the flaps right away to the wanted position (the panel is then shaking somewhat). So, is there a solution - for instance by adjusting the panel.cfg or the aircraft.cfg somewhere to let the opening and closing process of the flaps more slowly? That would be a nice feature!
  8. I went looking for a cause. In the manual on page 139, a rudder lock is mentioned to be used to prevent the rudder from damage caused by wind when the aircraft is left unattended. So I thought that the rudder was locked and had to be unlocked before able to operate the pedals.The Aerosoft model does not have such a rudder lock, however there is a rudder trim knob at the back panel. So I gave that knob a twist and saw then that the brake pedals moved again. I'm not sure that this solved the problem. It's also posiible that the simulation was paused without realizing this....Nevertheless now I'm able to start and land straight on again!
  9. Before and after installing the update v1.22 of the PBY Catalina, I noticed that the brake pedals do not move. Also the rudder does not show any movement when putting the brake pedals forward and backward (and when looking to the tail outside the aircraft). Kindly request your support on this issue.
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