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  1. How did you resolve this issue with the heading. This seems to be exactly what I am experiencing. Only when Aerosoft Heathrow is installed though. From about 070 to 160 in the ground.
  2. Ok, I will have to have a look then. Had a little play earlier but couldn't resolve the issue. Most likely will be tomato or something which Lotus mentioned. Thanks All!
  3. I believe it might be an issue with the scenery. The dome light is on.... vc is dark: When I move to ovhd panel, it is light again... But in other areas of the airport, the vc goes light again...
  4. Ok, thanks for your reply. I will try turning tomato off and see what it does. Thanks!
  5. Not sure whether it is dynamic lighting or the tomato preset I use; but whenever in the PMDG 747 at Heathrow the vc always goes dark even with full dome light on and the exterior is very light. This is with full dome light on. Another thing, when moving to the overhead panel or down to the pedestal trhe dome loght seems to appear again (if you know what I mean ) but once moving back to the captain position it goes dark again... Also, if I go under any stand light at the airport then it lights up the vc. Once i've moved away, it goes dark again. Very frustrating and only happens in the 747. Have tried FSLabs at heathrow and have tried different airports, only happens at Aerosoft Heathrow. Anybody have a similar issue or know a fix? Thanks.
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