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  1. I've noticed that if you arm Speed mode prior to engaging the autopilot it doesn't work in some situations. Namely if you use the SYNC button. In the real aircraft I would always use the SYNC button to move the FD and speed to my current position. In the sim if you do this even though speed mode shows armed you have to click it again before it actually works as intended. VS mode does the same thing when activating it from cruise. You have to press it twice before it actually works for some reason.
  2. That’s actually incorrect. The pack lights should show a white off light when selected off. An amber light indicates a fault. I can include pictures from manuals and study guides if necessary. I believe you should also get a white CAS message showing that a a pack has been selected off. “L PACK OFF” for example.
  3. My system doesn’t usually crash when selecting Approches but my fps drops significantly down to around 1-9fps (this plane runs around 35-45fps for me usually). There’s something going on in the FMS where it causes a frame hit. Other time is when adding an ISA dev in the perf.
  4. I have the same issue when editing certain parts of the flight plan. Usually when selecting the approach at the arrival field my FPS will drop to about 1-9fps (usually my fps sits around 35-45 with the plane powered up) until I hit EXEC. Another situation off the top of my head is when I enter ISA deviation. Until I hit EXEC my frames drop to about 1-9fps. Strange but there seems to be some kinda code running in certain situations while editing the FP that aren’t well optimized or something. Other than that the plane runs smooth for me with the exception of the stutters introduced in world update, but that’s an asobo issue not CRJ.
  5. Yup, appears to be working now. Strange. Welp this can be closed.
  6. Actually I was just trying this again, and it worked this time. Lol maybe I had a weird bug or something the first time I tried. I'll see if it works on the taxi in as well. Will report back shortly
  7. I was curious if this system component would be modeled. The company I flew the CRJ for had a first flight fuel feed check valve check that we did. I should be able to start number 1 on the first flight, then turn both fuel pumps off and get a R FUEL LO PRESS light. Then prior to shutting down after the first flight, shut down number 1 first, turn off both fuel pumps again and see L FUEL LO PRESS. But this system does not appear to be modeled. Would be nice to see this implemented since it was required for us to check on every first flight. I believe it was a no go item for us. I can provide more system detail if needed.
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