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  1. Hi I've just purchased Robin Dr400x but the aircraft won't move even at full throttle. I deleted it and re-installed but that didn't fix problem. Please help. Geoff J. EMAIL Adress removed
  2. geejo


    Hi from Australia I'v been using the Aerosoft Beaver for a while now (using Windows 7)and I had occasion to re-install FSX and therefore the BeaverX. Now I cannot re install the beaver. The product goes through the registration Ok but the further installation only lasts a few seconds and the aircraft never appears. How can I get a new download as mine seems to be corrupt or something. Thanks Geejo
  3. geejo

    SFX Beaver

    Hi, Sorry not to have got back to you sooner. You were right, my typing of the file name was incorrect however I have now re-installed everything and started again. Is there any way I can simply download the plane again using the old reg key? Thanks again Geoff J.
  4. Help I don't know where to go. Not happy Jan. I have just downloaded the Aerosoft Beaver and near the end of the install I received a message "Error with SFX categories. xml.. the mission is not available" and now my flight simulator will no longer load at all even if I take out everthing I can find that says Aerosoft. I'm not happy that I've paid Au$39 and can no longer even use SFX. My user ID is 27931 and my validation key is . Please help. Geoff J
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