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  1. Ok, here we go kids!!! I have seen on so many forums, the notion that you are trying to start with no fuel and I laughed it off because in AH2, you select how much fuel is in the aircraft. It charges you for it (in the game, not really charges you actual money). So I ASSUMED (idiot) that my 'plane was fuelled. Not so. You have to fuel it in P3D or FSX old style using the 'Fuel and Payload' section, then try and start. I was also advised that I needed to put the 'plane in 'Networked mode'. I have no idea what this means but I did it anyway. The instructions are below via my quote from the AH2 forums. "When @Flyer10 says 'Go to the plane...' he means in AH2 you need to go to the 'Management' tab, select the 'Aircraft Mgmt' icon, then find the Twotter Aircraft. Once you've done this, select 'Modify Aircraft Data' (at the top), then click the 'Requires Networked mode' switch. You should see a 'tick' come up on the right of the aircraft. Now, the whole 'no fuel' thing was puzzling me because I've seen it written so many times on different forums. It puzzled me because I assumed that when I put fuel in with the slider in AH2 I was actually putting fuel in. I wasn't. Don't bother. Save the money. You have to put the fuel in, in P3D or FSX in the 'Fuel and Payload' section." To conclude, I am still having problems with this 'plane but I have now managed to start the little bugger. I hate it. I love it. I hate it. I love it. I love it. I love it. I LOVE IT! If anyone still has problems, I'll try to help. Whoever is responsible for writing instructions (in life!) please remember you could be talking to the 'uninformed'. Don't assume I know what you mean. Instructions are there to instruct. I've been using and abusing Flight Sim for about 20 years, but some of the 'Read me's and instructions have been terrible. Stop it. If you want me to pay for something, don't leave me in the dark. My 'favourite' Read Me was, "you know what to do" I hate that person with a passion. Good luck, Happy New Year, and may your 2019 and beyond be filled with love and joy. ...and in those times when they're not, please remember that there are many others out there like you. Not having a good time. It can be desperate sometimes, I know. But please hang on and talk, type, communicate in some way. There is always someone out there. Love M xxxx
  2. I'm getting help on AH2 forum at the moment. I'm being told I need to fly the twin in 'network mode'. No idea what they mean by this yet but I am getting support there. If I get a fix I'll put it here.
  3. Ok, so here's a development that I hadn't considered before but tried tonight. I pretty much ALWAYS fly from Air Hauler 2. Tonight I tried to fly direct from P3D and we were ready to go, props spinning. So I suspect my problem is based in Air Hauler 2 and not Aerosoft based. More news if I have it.
  4. Hi Herman Thanks for taking the time to reply. My UAC has been turned off completely via regedit. P3D is in my E: drive which is not where windows is installed (that's on my C drive)
  5. Hi all I have the twin otter extended for P3D and have it set to 'Ready to fly' but the props aren't spinning. Am I missing something? I keep having to start with a different 'plane then swith vehicles
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