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  1. I finally fixed the issue with the scenery but I had to uninstall the Flight Sim program and delete any and all scenery files that was found in that folder(s), (I keep all my airport and mesh files in a separate drive). I can't say that I know what initially caused the issue but ALL scenery is good now and no other issues noted on any other scenery. Thanks, for the help. This closes the post.
  2. I don't use ORBX and have run a search as you suggested and found nothing. I have removed P3Dv4 and reinstalled along with the EDDF Scenery and the FS Global Ultimate NG, still no change. Everything is still like in the photographs above.
  3. Thanks for the heads up on the order number!
  4. When I reinstall the Pilots - FS Global Ultimate - Next Generation FTX all the ramp aircrafts are elevated and ramp details disappears. Scenery was purchased on Simmarket order Number XXXXXX.
  5. I've updated and installed the latest version of EFFD, at one point the aircraft was several feet above the ground but had to remove the Pilots - FS Global Ultimate - Next Generation FTX in order to bring the aircraft down. I have UTLive AI traffic, Active Sky, UGCX and Chase Plane installed. I'm using Prepar3D_v4_4.5.13.32097.
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