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  1. I have tried using LINDA and FSUIPC to program a button for the Master Caution light to be extinguished when I release the AP. In both LINDA and FSUIPC I have to press my button twice to get it to reset. When I use my mouse I only have to click it once. I've never had this problem until recent updates. I can't remember which update it was when it started not working correctly. I hope this is the proper place to post this as it relates to AP functions.
  2. hmmmmm, might wanna check the words written in red!
  3. On a side note I did see a bunch of places where night textures where overlaying the daytime textures. Could that have been caused by my scenery arrangements? I got things workin now though.
  4. That did it. I moved everything down from the top just above the AEC and LC at the bottom. Here's my CFG, everything look good there? My Anchorage now loads up properly. I used Lorby Addon manager to do it which worked out slick! scenery.cfg
  5. I am having an issue where I will install Anchorage and fly out. The scenery works fine then. I will exit the sim then fly back in to Anchorage the next day and half the scenery is there. I will have taxi markings with no runways or taxi ways. I will have dynamic lighting and default buildings with blurry tarmac textures. I've had to reinstall the scenery every time when reloading the sim. How do I go about fixing this problem. Oh and it even happens after I've installed new scenery not even related to Anchorage and I get the same results. When I install the scenery, I imidiately exit the configurator the original one came with. Then I drag the new configurator I downloaded the scenery from SimMarket run that then save and exit. This problem is getting annoying. I also have Orbx Southern Alaska installed and I have that checked on the new configurator file. Thanks for the help! I am running P3D V4.5
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