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  1. I am still facing this issue with A320 IAE with update. I did a fresh install of and then updated to and did the same flight. After take off, the speed drops causing the aircraft to crash.
  2. I can repro this issue. A320IAE (stock British Airways), EGLL, 9R take-off. Flex temp = 63 or 64 (don't remember). Trim: 1/UP0.2. Fuel=8900kg. After take-off, it behaves as if no thrust is set (idle?) and then aircraft plummets to ground.
  3. Yes it is an anomaly I observed. In your FMGC if you have programmed your thrust reduction altitude/acceleration altitude and then in the FCU you key in the altitude which is higher then at least in A320 it does automatically switch to managed mode (you get the ball next to altitude and VS should be dash). Not sure if this is the way it works in A319 where you need to manually push the altitude knob for managed climb.
  4. Hi...I came across two checklist issues after the most recent update ( I have co pilot turned on as well. 1. In the taxi checklist, I have seen that the flow randomly stops. For e.g. in one flight the exterior light was not getting turned on and had to be done manually to move forward. Similarly at amother point it was arming the ground spoilers. 2. In one the flights, when I was in an almost straight in approach, the approach CL never started until after the glidescope was captured. I also did not get the option to start it manually (usually a message pops up in the infobar). I didn't see this issue generally when the approach is more elaborate than a straight in.
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