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  1. It was hard to notice at first for me. It is very slow. Didn't realize until I was almost into a building. Still poking around at my install to see if anything else would cause it.
  2. In DAVE they are greyed out. My understanding is that they patched it in 4.3 and the tweak is no longer supported by FSUIPC.
  3. Thanks for the helpful feedback so far. The problem appears without Active Sky running and I do not own EZDok or any other camera addons yet.
  4. I don't actively use AFLT or have it installed to my knowledge. Only scenery enhancers I have installed right now is Ultimate Terrain USA and Canada and some old FSGenesis mesh. I don't think any of that stuff uses AFLT. The problem happens at both CYVR gate 30 and on the default flight wit the f22 runway. Cant remember the name of that airbase.
  5. Hi Hans. The N1 on both engines is sitting at 21.2. I tested again after a cold engine start without any throttle input and the creep still seems to happen. I'll include a screen so you can see the throttle position and MFD.
  6. I am having an issue with the CRJ-900 creeping forward while parked with the engines running at idle with the parking brake engaged. I have redone all my throttle calibrations and even bought FSUIPC so I could follow the calibration instructions in the guide provided with the aircraft model. I have also tried being on one engine as per the FAQ and it still persists. I am updated to the latest version of the plane and am using P3D 4.3. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Would be wonderful if someone could find time to paint up an A319 in the newest Air Canada paint.
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