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  1. Weird thing is that CLB detent range is very small, like this: TOGA, few mm CLB detent and then this message appears... taxi is normal
  2. Ah sorry guys, that was trouble with my throttle settings - It got wrong deadzone and somehow didn't go all the way to CLB throttle detent, fixed now
  3. Hey guys! Maybe I'm doing something wrong (although I've got checklist on (with manual input, without co of course, but still), but after T/O when I set thrust level CLB annoing message about A/THR limited appears, is it bug or am I doing something wrong? Also yesterday I had unreal CLIMB rate at which airplane nearly got stalled and I had to take control, though it seems something that I'v done wrong, as right now only thing worng is that A/THR message. So please help me )
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