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  1. And you were right, no more issues of this kind, smooth and clear. Thanks!
  2. Thank you Randy, I will try it. Also I found info about same problem in EZCA v3. forums after you mentioned it and it looks similar to my problem
  3. Hi Dave! I will certainly try experimental, also I'll see about trying to reproduce it, it was first time I see anything like this, so it could really be anything (from plane or third part software to prepar3d itself). Also my system specs are: i7 8770, 32GB RAM, RTX2700, SSD Samsung EVO. Don't think that it could be anything with processor load, cause it looked really strange: I'm alt-tabbing (P3d window still visible). Plane taxiing normally and then without any freezes it accelerates in simulator very quickly (throttle was idle BTW), gains speed / altitude by itself and all in matter of second or two (also looked like time acceleration in sim). I'm buffled (and I thing anyone would be baffled too) and really think that it could be anything.
  4. Hello! Got strange issue today (ot sure if it's right place in forum for issue). First my specs: Prepar3d v. 4.5 Aerosoft A320-321 (I got bundle really, but I caught this issue today in A-320) version Issue is: I was taxiing in UUEE (Drzewiecki design Sheremetyevo 1.97) on taxiway A in direction of RWY 24C start (planned to takeof) I was using Checklist (without copilot). While I was taxiing I switched via ALT-TAB usage to vPilot just to write a comment. Next thing I see that suddenly aircraft lurches forward, gains speed to 140 knots and takes off by itself (from taxiway neverthless and all in 2 seconds!!!!), I alt-tabbed back, took control and continued flight. After I stabilized plane (it was stable really, just had no thrust as I was taxiing and didn't set it to CLB), took gear up and everything I also tried to turn on autopilot - and plane nearly stalled with it cause it took insane climb rate. (I think it was the problem of autopilot going on before I cleared the runway point) After I stabilized it second time, passed runway and turned it on again - everything went fine. But auto-takeoff in two seconds... Just in case: I also had this applications on: 1. ActiveSky for Prepar3d 2. VAS ACARS 3. Ezdok Camera 3
  5. Weird thing is that CLB detent range is very small, like this: TOGA, few mm CLB detent and then this message appears... taxi is normal
  6. Ah sorry guys, that was trouble with my throttle settings - It got wrong deadzone and somehow didn't go all the way to CLB throttle detent, fixed now
  7. Hey guys! Maybe I'm doing something wrong (although I've got checklist on (with manual input, without co of course, but still), but after T/O when I set thrust level CLB annoing message about A/THR limited appears, is it bug or am I doing something wrong? Also yesterday I had unreal CLIMB rate at which airplane nearly got stalled and I had to take control, though it seems something that I'v done wrong, as right now only thing worng is that A/THR message. So please help me )
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