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  1. I have now removed all the ENTO files which did not belong to Aerosoft Sandefjord Torp, but the airport building are still floating several feet of the ground.
  2. Normally I use the FTX Norway scenery, but I don't have it innstalled at the moment.
  3. As far as I know I haven't done any changes to the flight sim or my system. I may have changed some of the graphic settings and I have installed a new scenery, but the problem occurred before that.
  4. The jetways are looking normal until I open the "sode stand operations".
  5. I've already done that, but the airport buildings are still floating in the air with a piece of the runway as well.
  6. The scenery is not in the libary at all... I found out that when I choose to install the scenery for FSX steam edition the airport doesn't even show up in the scenery libary, but when I choose FSX the airport is there, but with some elevation problems it looks like. (I'm using FSX Steam Edition)
  7. I just bought the Sandefjord Torp scenery. I installed it the usual way, but when I started fsx, only the ftx Norway scenery showed up(No Sandefjord X). I'll be happy if someone knows how to fix this...
  8. It is in Bergen(ENBR) Gate 22 I think. The problem applies to Værnes(ENVA) as well.
  9. I have now updated sode, but the jetways are still far above the aircraft when I'm selecting them.....
  10. I don't know if i have the latest version. That might be the problem, but if that's the case, how do I update it?
  11. I'm using Sode jetways for some airports. It worked perfectly fine until a couple of months ago. I don't know what happened, but all of a sudden the jetways went far above the aircraft when I selected them. This applies to all aircraft and airports using sode. I haven't really found any solutions yet so i'll be very happy if someone knows how to fix this...
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