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  1. It's just one extra landmark. I doubt they would need to create the entire city for that...
  2. My apologises to Mathijs Kok, Aerosoft staff, O.P. and the developer. I realise the mistake I made with my own "smart ass" comment and tone used, and I take full responsability. Let that be my lesson, I will refrain from posting again.
  3. Do you even know what I'm talking about? Judging from your smart ass remark, you don't. There should be remote parking spots at the location I highlighted in red. But it looks like the dev. put the blue reservoir, the one I highlighted in blue, there instead. That blue thing has been removed long ago, and remote parking spots are there instead. Edit: The video above confirms what I suspected. The truck and blue reservoir are there. The thing is not released but it's some years outdated already. Work in progress indeed...
  4. Looks like the dev. omitted the remote parking spots along taxiway Alpha, near holding point Bravo. Edit: Typo.
  5. I posted the information about the main runway numbers change a few posts above.
  6. It very likely is. Unless Aerosoft is working on 2 versions of the same airport for the same sim for who knows what reasons.
  7. It very likely is. Unless of course Aerosoft is working on 2 Geneva version for the same sim and for who knows what reasons....
  8. Hi, In case the information might not have reached the devs. yet, the main asphalt runway's numbers will soon change. Right now is 05 - 23, soon will be 04 - 22. Also, the grass runway on the north is no longer in use. Edit: By "soon" I mean this month, September.
  9. Nice. FSDreamTeam is working on an update of theirs too. Glad to see my home airport get so much love.
  10. If only Olbia X was in the pipeline for an update to P3D 64bit.
  11. Hi and good afternoon, I was looking for decent Olbia LIEO sceneries online and found one, the one created by your company/devs. Now, my issue is, looking at the system requirements of the scenery, there is no indication that it is working on and is officially supported on the 64bit versions of P3D. Upon further inspection, the supported Windows platforms consists of Windows 7, Vista and XP only, likely indicating that the scenery is quite old. Do you guys plan on updating Olbia X and making it a compatible 64bit platform anytime soon? If so, you got yourself a future customer. It would be a shame to let the only decent, or at least decent-looking, Olbia scenery be forgotten, but I can nonetheless understand it if sales were not profitable and was just left in that state. Thank you for your inputs. Aybars
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