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  1. Thank you for the checklists, John. Before bomb release, how can we know the perfect moment when the pilot can (have to) release the bomb to really hit the target (which is depends on the a/c's speed, altitude, distance, position from the target, wind, etc)?
  2. That's right. And with the "follow ownship" behavior for the drone, you can make some very basic dogfight training (it's a bit better as the "weave" behavior, IMHO).
  3. A North Korean Fulcrum try to escape and some very close traffic.
  4. It's possible to change the VRS drone to an AI MiG-29, for example, so no civilians have to die.
  5. Hi all, my suggestion is to have some military/combat function in this simulator (working radar, working weapons, damages and so on) - I'm sure that is means much more customer. It doesn't means that it must be a combat sim, but if someone wants, he/she can use it this way too.
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