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  1. Yes. I find this plane very hard to hand fly. It is supposed to be docile. I find it twitchy and edgy, like a thoroughbred stallion, not the stable pony it is supposed to be.
  2. Only if you engage AP just after take off will it engage smoothly. Is the a "feature" of the real plane? I can't imagine it is that violent. I've never felt anything like it on a CRJ and I've ridden on a ton of them.... Colin
  3. Friends, I've been trying without success to map commands to increase/decrease target altitude in the autopilot so I don't have to adjust my view on climb out. I've not been successful. I've tried the AP Alt Var Inc/Dec commands with no luck. The similar command worked fine for airspeed. Suggestions? I've tried both in FSUIPC and in the MSFS controls section. Neither the key commands nor button mapping to my Warthog stick work. Thanks! Colin Ware
  4. I'm using FSUPIC. Suggestion on the size of the slope setting for the elevator axis would be appreciated. Many thanks.
  5. I spent the better part of a day yesterday with the airplane. First, thank you for such a complete simulation. It's a nice plane. I do find it difficult to fly by hand - quite different from the marketing language talking about what a sporty, joy it is to fly. It's not the roll axis, it's the pitch axis. I find it almost impossible to smoothly trim the plane for any of the phases of flight. Compared to the Mad Dog and the CookSky DC-9 (many hours in both), the reverse effect of thrust changes seems exaggerated to me. It is jerking up and down and were it the real thing, would likely be making people sick. I hope you are continuing to work on the flight model. I really did not buy it to be an autopilot simulator which seems the only way to achieve smooth transitions in the various phases of the flight. Thanks! Colin Ware
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