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  1. Normally planes are landing from the other direction. Starting planes directly turn right to the sea, so passengers have an amazing view at the harbour when flying over it. If you have a seat on the right side....
  2. I have never seen the parking area that empty in reality But it's a must have for me anyway. Excellent work!
  3. Good things come to those who wait.
  4. jencas

    XL A320
  5. Release date 19.01.2012 has been removed today. The CRJ release date has been removed today also.
  6. I'm planning to purchase the 600/700 expansion pack. Anyone here who owns the boxed NGX *AND* the expansion pack? Any problems during install or use? Has SP1b to be reinstalled after installing the expansion? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Jens
  7. Ich danke dann mal ganz herzlich auch noch dem GAP-Team!!!
  8. Super! Erst Budapest und jetzt noch das! Jo is denn scho wieda Weihnachdn?
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