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  1. Thankyou emi for the heads up,bliss at last.I did try deleting the files,but it does cause problems.Just keep the transponder on standby now sqauk code enters,flew from arlanda to hamburg last night no callouts,wonderful.
  2. Is there a way to disable the traffic warning callouts,eg, descent,pull up clear of conflict. I love this aircraft and have no problems with it,but those voices are driving me nuts.
  3. Real air with the duke have done it,PMDG with the j41 have done it.Rain on the virtual cockpit window,it seems to have no impact on performance.It would be nice to see this on the twotter and the beaver,Real air did this with a patch.I wonder if anyone else will take this up,it certainly looks so much better when it is raining.
  4. Would like to say I really love the twin otter,but I would like to know if anyone could do a MAS wings repaint.I have been lucky to go to Borneo a few times and have seen it several times,next time I am going to take a flight in it.Would be eternally grateful.
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