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  1. Hello Sir,


    In this case, please contact our technical support: support@aerosoft.zohodesk.com



    Kind regards,


  2. vor 3 Minuten, Jaksims sagte:

    Massively appreciate the work you guys are doing behind the scenes.. Sounds like a manic release! I sadly had my cc payment verify only to return me to a "Web page unavailable" message, followed by a refresh which took me back to the first payment screen. Upon checking my online banking, the transaction had processed, but I have no order number or anything, so I'm sure its a bit trickier for your support team to resolve it.. But I appreciate that you have a lot of people with the same issue, so I patiently await the resolution :)

    I am sure we can sort it our very soon. Just send us every information you have to support@aerosoft.com.

  3. Hi Dennis,


    bei dem Prozessor handelt es sich um den 4-Kern AMD Athlon X4 mit 3.50GHz / 3.80GHz (Turbo), richtig?

    Falls ja, wäre auch hier etwas Bedarf nach oben.





  4. Hallo Dennis,


    mit deinen derzeitigen Komponenten erfüllst du so gerade die empfohlenen Systemvoraussetzungen.

    Ich bin immer der Meinung, wenn man bereits seinen PC aufrüstet, sollte dieser auch für die Zukunft gerüstest sein.

    GPU würde ich 6-8 GB empfehlen bspw. eine GeForce RTX 2060. Diese Grafikkarte benutzen wir auch für unser Cockpit, welches oftmals auf Messen zu sehen ist.

    Ich würde beim Arbeitsspeicher langfristig die 32GB in Angriff nehmen.



    Liebe Grüße



  5. vor 3 Stunden , dikkeduif sagte:

    Just a quick question, I ordered the yoke last night, while the status was "in stock". When I look at my orders page, I see that the product is currently unavailable. Does this mean that my order is placed on back-order now? It also says my order is not yet processed. A bit confused that's all.

    Hi, we received the Yokes yesterday in the morning and we expect to ship your order today. I will send you an email with the tracking information.

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  6. vor 4 Stunden , tgcbraun sagte:

    Any ideas when shipment will start?


    Another question: I live in Germany and have selected the "Zahlung per Rechnung". That means I will first receive the product and then the necessary details to perform the payment, correct?



    We will receive the Yokes on Monday, so we will ship every pre-order at the start of the next week.


    Zahlung per Rechnung: Right, first you receive the Yoke. In the further process you have to transfer the invoice amount within 14 days (after receiving the device).



    Best regards,

    Marius Ellenbürger

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