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  1. Yes, the STD button on the end of the baro knob on the Captain's side if fine for me. It doesn't work on the FO's side. A minor issue since most fly in the left seat. Thx.
  2. I tried Simbrief. The FMS displayed "route loaded" after clicking on the route name, but no flight plan was actually loaded.
  3. I have done the same thing with PFPX so that it will store flight plans in the correct folder. But I've yet to be able to load a flight plan. I always get a load error message on the fms. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?
  4. Thanks, Hans! I'll disable panel serialization... And I'll double-check the baro issue. Anyway, it was good to know that I could continue a flight after a ctd using FSUIPC autosave.
  5. Hey, Loving the bird! I've only been able to make one full flight so far (3 CTD's - 2 previously reported regarding EFB charts). While descent prepping I entered arrival info on the Dep/Arr FMS page and got the blue swirly of death after pressing "Exec". No CTD; just an eternal blue swirly. I loaded an FSUIPC autosave to see what would happen and when it returned to the scenario screen (prior to loading the saved fight) I received a panel deserialization problem msg (screenshot below). The autosave did load and I finished the flight. I reentered the arrival data and the Dep/Arr page, pressed "Exec" and all was well. Here are some other observations about the autosave results: 1. All entries in the FMS unchanged and correct. Flight plan still loaded and aircraft still following it. 2. Speed/Alt/Engine settings correct. 3. Was overspeeding for a minor reason: the landing gear was down at FL380! Raised the gear - no problem. 4. All panels were correctly configured except for the following: - Landing Elevation: reset to zero. - WX Radars: both turned off. Otherwise, I didn't notice any other problems after the autosave and flew for an hour to my destination. Other bugs: 1. Climb stops 200ft below cruise altitude (same problem in previous version of the CRJ). 2. Unable to set "STD" baro by pressing the end of the Baro knob. When passing transition altitude the baro indicator on the PFD flashed. I couldn't set STD baro, so I adjusted the baro to 1013mb. Still flashed, so I pressed the STD baro knob again and the flashing ended. Thanks!
  6. Just for anyone's' info, after learning that I should use HDR (had it off), all was fine color-wise in the cockpit, but when I popped outside all was shades of gray. I tried all kinds of remedies (delete shaders folder, reinstall P3D client, etc.). No change, still shades of gray when outside the cockpit. It had been a year since I installed a fresh copy of P3D, so I uninstalled everything everywhere. Now I'm at the point where I've only installed P3D (nothing else) and the CRJ. The cockpit looked great with HDR enabled, then I popped outside and... shades of gray! Chaseplane was still installed. I looked under "Preferences/Camera" in the Chaseplane window and "Enable HDR Overide" was enabled. I disabled this and now outside all is in living color! Oh, well. Forgot to check that and a fresh install is always a good thing. Love the bird!
  7. Thanks for this info. Going back to default shaders with HDR on!
  8. The video is very dark? I've been wondering about that. I stopped using HDR because it caused problems in the QW787. I'll switch it back on and see how it looks. Thanks.
  9. Thanks, Jack. I haven't even got off the ground, yet! Haha! I'm gonna try again, but I'm not going to use the EFB to use charts this time. Love the plane, though. Cya!
  10. I just re-watched a video I was making when the second CTD occurred. I did access the destination airport's charts, LEMD, earlier with no problems, by clicking on the ICAO identifier at the upper left (Origin, Dest, Alt) to retrieve the destination's charts. I left a destination chart displayed and later returned to the EFB during the Before Start checklist to determine the landing elevation. When I clicked again on the ICAO identifier in the Dest box the blue swirly appeared and a CTD happened 5 -10 secs later. Below is an image a moment before the CTD as I was clicking on the arrow to the right of the Dest airport, LEMD.
  11. Hey, Twice I've had CTD's at the exact same "Before Start" checklist item: Set landing elevation on the pressurization panel. On the EFB, after clicking on the destination airport's ICAO (on the left side) to call up its charts, I got the blue swirly of death for 10 seconds or so. Then, CTD. The airport is LEMD and I'm using Navigraph charts. I don't think I called-up the destination's charts before this point in either scenario.
  12. Hi, Everybody! Congratulations, Aerosoft! The new CRJ is a beauty. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post a link to a video I made which takes a quick look at the new CRJ. If I'm not allowed to post video links I apologize. But if it is ok, then, here's the link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLqK_zfUMJoYfai2zwy-CBQ
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