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  1. My RAAS has not worked for ages
  2. Looking for Turkish repaint for the Airbus 321 Pro!. Only found one that does not work with the new bus!
  3. I have downloaded SAS 321 livery and installed the folder. But I cannot see it in the sim, P3D 4.5 This is the aircraft cfg files, something wrong here? And it is the right order. "[FLTSIM.5] title = Airbus A321 professional Scandinavian Airlines System OY-KBH sim = A321 model = EXTIAE panel = sound = texture = SASOYKBH kb_checklists = kb_reference = atc_id = OY-KBH atc_airline = SCAN
  4. RAAS is not working on my Airbus. Have the latest version and I got the RAAS installer working, but no RAAS in the aircraft. Did the Makerunways.exe.
  5. The trimsetting, the one shown in red, does not work or change whatever I do. Not if I change ZFW or drag the setting to left or right. P3D 4.5.
  6. Hi. Thanks but this is not a schedule I mean teh schedule of flights thata Scandinavian use. It should be in .xml format.
  7. Hi all! Can someone upload Scandinavian schedule for PFPX? Have a great 2020
  8. No, Sir. Not using any of those! You turn off the "arrows" in top left and right?
  9. I don´t know what happend but if you look at the screendump when I choose forward captains view I get the cabin view! The same in all aircrafts. What is wrong and how can I fix it?
  10. So new problem: the green text at the top of screen with gives info about checklists, like "prepare descent, taxi and so on" does not appear! I can hear the chelist but not see the text. Minor problem but why? P3D 4.4 latest version of the bus!
  11. You were right! Is there anyway to set the aircraft always start cold and dark?
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