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  1. No point in starting a new thread as have had the same problem this evening. Pushback and start on the A321, all going fine. After start check list, and bang, the elevators would not budge for love or money. Now interestingly enough side stick position indicator on the attitude indicator was moving freely and responding to joystick commands, the elevators however did not. They were stuck downwards. This was visible on the flight control screen and outside view. The good thing that came from this was that it was nearly midnight so taxied back to the stand and went to bed. I don’t believe this is an FPS issue. I had this quite a lot in fsx se. There is a fault somewhere. Like others its not all the time, so I can appreciate it being hard to pin point. I love the aerosoft A320series and used it since it first came out a while back. Hope the glitch can be fixed kind regards Ryan
  2. This is what I did. I’m having a Brian fart. It failed
  3. Thank you Tom. Will give this a go. Ryan
  4. Apologies as I know this has been discussed before. I thought I had followed the instructions but..... can you have a look at my screen shot and tell me what I’ve done wrong please. Ryan
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