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  1. It's a disappointment to see the American repaint still using the German cabin Textures. C'mon lads............Concentrate!
  2. Sascha, I had an initial problem with duplicated buildings. 2 Mirages,2 Treasure Islands.etc. The Stratosphere Hotel appeared to be one building with 2 masts. Closer inspection revealed the top of the Strato was looking like the mastercard logo. ie 2 circles very close together. This prompted me to delete the default las vegas scenery ( I hadn't done this prior to loading up Vegas) A rebuild of the scenery library was effected but didnt seem to solve it. Then the Activation Tool was brought into use and after activation a full hardware reboot was done. Loading up FSX then forced another rebuild of.Scenery Library. Now I have a perfect Strato and the duplicate buildings appear to have gone. So I'm happy with the result. Hope this helps to solve peoples problems ColinT46
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