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  1. Take a look here: https://www.vapap.com/kai-tak-airport Maybe this works.
  2. Hello, Is there still going to be an update for AS Schiphol (FSX/FS2004)? There are still many misplaced taxisigns. Also maybe an idea to add the Fokker 100 at the panorama deck? Regards, Robin http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/48526-mega-airport-schiphol-framerates/page__view__findpost__p__327222
  3. I find it a bit said that the Aerosoft Support team doesn't react on our posts
  4. At the 5th of Februari we have at IVAO Schiphol Real Ops. Would be nice to have the update (with new taxi signs) before that date? Is there any news?
  5. Oke thankyou, next thing I am going to do is buying a NASA computer It's clear to me and I'm happy that the taxiway signs will be updated. Is there any expected release date for the update?
  6. Is it me or ar the nighttextures for the taxiways very blurry? They look much more different then other airport taxiways...
  7. This is all very clear to me. But what I do not understand is that, lets say, Aerosoft Munich X runs perfect on my system and it looks sooooo amazing with the bridge's, the cars, just everything. Well, Munich is not so big as Schiphol, but it isn't a small airport too. Why can't the highway A4 looks like the highway at Aerosoft Leipzich X? or like Munich??? Also there are loads of missplaced and incorrect taxiwaysings, that can use a update too. Regards, Robin
  8. I had this today, again. When I was establisht IL01R with the Wilco E-jet (E190) I got the message: Flightsimulator stopt responding... I did nothing special, I was only looking at the instruments, nothing else...
  9. http://www.airliners.net/photo/Martinair/Airbus-A320-232/1695925/L/&sid=10fde39b3e621269efb4a6c308215ad6 PH-MPF Photo's are on airliners.net I hope somebody can paint this
  10. Please support Paramaribo for this airport I don't think its to hard to do that http://secure.simmarket.com/dreecs-zanderij-surinam-smjp.phtml
  11. For FS9 there is now version 1.14 and for FSX version 1.04 What are the differences with the last version?
  12. This is in Fs9 sir. Latest version. 1.03? or something like that.
  13. Don't buy VFR Netherlands. I think it won't be compatible. Download NL2000 instead. Free and much better.
  14. Would be nice to have AES at Paramaribo, No gates, only parkingplaces... DREECS - ZANDERIJ SURINAM SMJP http://secure.simmarket.com/dreecs-zanderij-surinam-smjp.phtml
  15. I saw on the download page there is a version 1.11 for FS2004. How can I find out if I have version 1.1 or 1.11?
  16. Oke, understood! Thanks for your reply
  17. Hello, Is it possible to set-up a bigger Pushback Truck in AES configuration? Here is a screenshot from an A330-203 KLM at JFK airport But I want a pushback Truck of this size: http://www.airliners...52ef960ca9c4d2d Maybe it can be changed??? Regards, Robin
  18. Hello, Since the update is out now, is it possible that you can upload a modified AES file. There is currently no AES at the even side of the pier, due to the update I guess.. There is no docking system on this side (there is nothing to dock,because their is no jetway) Just like you did with FlyTampa Vienna V2. You guys made for that scenery also a new AES file. Grts, Robin
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