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  1. okay, these two are still there because I have previous versions of both planes installed So I have to put these two .exe files in these folders......
  2. Which productfolder do you mean exactly? I have no Livery Manager folder (yet - as per your example) or do I have to create this.
  3. I totally agree with the above. What was wrong with the "old fashioned" livery-manager? Worked like a charm and no issues at all and installing within one minute! Now I am struggling the whole evening to install manually and the result is a half dark exterior and a dark panel. (and yes I have many times viewing the manually install instructions but unfortunately it does not work for me) I strongly consider to go back to the former version where no problem occured
  4. None of my backup liveries works with the new livery-manager. Is it possible to install these manually? Otherwise I'm going back to previous version , which worked without any problem..........
  5. in the "start menu" / Airbus A318/A319 and then clicked at Livery Manager"
  6. Hi, I have tried to open the "old Livery Manager" but this could not be found.......... Any solutions would be grate !!
  7. Goodday, As per topictitle, after updating my A318/319 to the latest version I see a Livery manager and a Aerosoft livery button. I have tried both to install my (old) liveries into the newest version but with opening the Livery Manager I get a message that the shortcut couldn't be found and in the Aerosoft livery I get a failure message that it is not possible to install liveries. (after selecting the install button I choose a livery from my backup list) Hope that someone can give a tip how to solve this. Thanks and have a nice evening
  8. My monitor resolution - 1920x1080p. Nothing has chanced in my hardware since more the a year
  9. I am sure I have not a wide-screen...... so any solution is welcome
  10. Goodday all, Here the same, before update all views are at "normal" ratio. Now after the update I have to "minus" every view.... Wide-view is un-checked in settings
  11. Hi all, I was wondering if Navdatapro is usable with the Qualitywings 787.... I see in the Navdatapro updater that only the 787 for FSX is supported and get a failure by trying to install anyway Thanks for clarifying...
  12. Hi, Lucky me, I have a backup of the "older cycle" but had no idea how the get this back. Many thanks for your support.
  13. Hi all, After some problems flying with the AS Airbus I have removed the bus (ses) and re-install again. I have purchased cycle 1813 and installed it in several add-ons, also in the Airbusses. But now I can not re-install in the Airbus anymore because a newer cycle is available. Is this realy truth that I have to buy a new cycle again? Thanks for clarifying
  14. Problem is solved. I had missed the latest update of makerwys.exe Solution is given by someone on the Radar Contact forum. thanks anyway
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