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  1. Hi there! Could someone please make a livery of the 5Y-AST that comes with aerosoft's excellent addon African Airstrip Adventures for the Twin Otter Extended? Thank you!
  2. Could someone make an ASC (African Safari Charter - 5Y-AST) livery, like the one that came with the "African Airstrip Adventures" addon please?
  3. All right, thank you. I don't have a Facebook account, so...
  4. Hi there! Are there any news about the results of ASN’s “Simulator” Screenshot Contest? Thanks in advance, Just Fly.
  5. Have to admit the water effects are... veeeery nice.
  6. Hi there! I have a couple of issues with my Mitchell Wing: Is it normal that I have to apply full power simply to start taxiing? When in virtual cockpit, I see this: Is this normal and/or is there a way to remove that green line? I'm using EZCA, by the way. Oh, and I see the same in the default Trike. Thanks in anticipation, Just Fly
  7. Caption: "Darling, I know you love aviation, but still... You could have chosen something else to decorate our aquarium!"
  8. EDIT: I found a better one (even though it's not exactly related to this case) "How the Occidental countries discovered the incredible STOL performances of USSR planes. Here's the transcription of a top secret recording of what happened once in a Soviet cockpit during an IFR approach to JFK: Captain: "500 ft. Poor visibility, the runway seems to be short. Copilot, set flaps to 30 degrees." Copilot: "Flaps set to 30 degrees." Captain: "300 ft. Poor visibility, the runway seems to be very short. Copilot, set flaps to 45 degrees!" Copilot: "Flaps set to 45." Captain: "100 ft. Extremely short runway !!! Set flaps and speedbrakes to emergency position - 90 degrees !!! Copilot: "Flaps and speedbrakes set to 90, ready to land." The aircraft lands, the pilots immediately slam on the brakes... Captain: (sweating and sighing) "Ohh gosh, how short these Western runways are..." Copilot: "Yes... (looking out the window)... But how wide !"
  9. Yep, that is indeed a Northrop A-9A! And here is the original shot (the one below the other):
  10. 5 freebies? Now THAT'S a great idea! Serious stuff now: I'd like to thank you, Mathijs, for your advice about the video card you gave us, humble simmers, quite some time ago. It made me buy one of the last ATI 4600 available. For me, it's just as good as a GTX460... Great FPS, smooth as silk, excellent visual quality, low price... No better deal!
  11. Dear Simon, I know my contribution here is late, but please take time to read this. His name is Iain Emms, and he's one of the finest, most friendly, humble and polite people I've ever known. His contribution to FS Community is enormous. I thought you would know that, being an ORBX forum member. Everyone of us has been a new forum member, at least once in his/her life. And sometimes, we post in a certain way, because we are used to do so. In this case, Iain may not have known that the activity over here is much lower than on ORBX forums, where you usually get an answer within the next hours. A newbie mistake, nothing serious, at least nothing serious enough to react the way you did. Now he's aware of all this. Let the new members a second chance, that's a behaviour which should be natural for everyone. Or, at least, be grateful he posted in the right forum, which shows he's making efforts. It's the first (and the last) time I allow myself to criticise you, Simon, because I hate such debates. Especially in a rather friendly community like this one. I simply cannot understand your behaviour. You're not 16 anymore, are you? Why do you over-react like a teenager? You're obviously very intelligent and knowledgable, that's why I respect you, as well as any other member around here. But I just don't and can't see why such a clever person would do what you're doing. There is a proverb in the country I'm from: "The difference between a clever and a sagacious person is that the clever one will manage to come out of complicated situations the sagacious would never run into." I suppose (I may be wrong, of course) that you use your rudeness to come out of these conflictual situations. You wouldn't have to do so, if you didn't create them. That being said, please know that I'm not against you. I'm against your agressivity and rudeness. Be patient, that's it! At Iain: please, come and bother us again, mate, it's no big deal. Unfortunately, you didn't get the most friendly member to answer you, that's the very least I can say. Don't worry, almost everyone is aware of him here. So come back if you need, mate! Regards, Just Fly.
  12. Hey Iain, glad to see you over here! Some very nice entries this month, folks.
  13. No planes this time, just some wonderful scenery once upon a morning. Dawn over San Juan Island Competition closed => Picture removed
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