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  1. I had this same problem, but not frequently. I discovered that if I open AES menu while im doing after landing checklist (on taxyway with parking brakes set), everything works just fine. It doesen't appear all the times, just sometimes.
  2. Thanks for info Oliver, will be waiting for further updates. Great job on 2.21 by the way, really love those new wehicles and animations, keep up the superb work! Thanks.
  3. Hey again. After some experimenting I found out that if only one jetway is available and before wing is selected, it will be used on before wing on all planes, not only on Wilco A321. Is there any way to use front door by default? Thank you.
  4. Hello. Wilco Airbus A321 has before -and after wing doors also. Now In AES Before wing is enabled by default, after is not. Problem is that when before wing door is enabled then AES will automatically choose this for jetways and catering on the other side. Is there any way to assign front door as default but still maintain before wing door functionality in case I sould be in dual jetway stand I would have both airways functional. Thanks.
  5. Hello. I have a little problem with this airport. You see I fly VATSIM and sence 2008 there have been changes in airport layout and taxiways. Now when I use EGLL 2008 I end up in the wrong gates and taxiways are incorrect. Is there new version coming soon?
  6. Hey. My joystick rudder is so "Edited" up (hardware side) that there is no other chance to disable it entirely. Does anyone know how to do that? I also have registered FSUIPC, so I can do something with that if this is necessary. Also hope this thread lands in right place. Note from Admin. I have edited your post, please do not use such expletives as this is not necessary and the forum is viewed by people of all ages.
  7. Hello, and thank You for You'r replys. Im looking for a third-party program, wich would measure coordinates in a sample of : Sample 1: Latitude=N51° 28' 4.9701" Longitude=W0° 27' 28.1519" Sample 2: Latitude=N48* 21.09' Longitude=E11* 46.97' Sample 3: Latitude=49.0130010 Longitude=2.5378729 I'd like to use it, to persicely but aircraft (in config files) to gate and/or ramp. EDIT: I also try'd some tool, dont remeber what it was actually called, because i deleted it, but came in a .ZIP file named FSvalues. Wasn't really good one. Thank You.
  8. Geoff, Thank You very much. Indeed, i was able to use EFHK airport with AES after i did the trick. Havent tryd the non working gates jet (probably even wont, no point to do that), but everything else cooperates with AES just fine. Tahnk You.
  9. Hello. I'd like to have some good coordinates measuring tool, wich would very accurately calculate te coordinates. Mabe someone who knows such a program, could tell me where to get it. Thank you.
  10. Yes, indeed i was able to activate it . Ill go and try it out now will it work.
  11. Hello. I really would like to use FISD Helisnki Vantaa EFHK airport with AES, but currently (on AES 2.04) only version 1.5 is available, and latest is 1.6 from FISD. I was looking version 1.5 form all over the internet, and dint find it. Mabe someone who has it, or has WORKING links for it, could share them. Thank You.
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