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  1. Well I completed a flight from Birmingham to Gdansk and the 330 performed flawlessly. The EFIS mode and range switches functioned as they should do. I'm not sure what I did or did not do but all seems ok for right now. I'll be able to tell with the next flight. My thanks to support folks for your help. Regards, John
  2. Ok thanks. I'm pretty sure that nothing has changed but I will check that Windows is the current version. Regards, John
  3. Hi there, I checked my version of the 330 and it states version I will start another flight and see if the problem has been solved. Will this version not work in P3Dv4.5? Regards, John
  4. Thank you for the response. I am running P3D v4.5. Not sure about runtime library and I will recheck the latest full install on the ASupdater and let you know, Thanks again Masterhawk.
  5. Dear Support staff, A few weeks ago I was flying the A330-300 and after about thirty five minutes in to the flight I noticed that I could not get the EFIS mode selector and the range control switches to work. I wanted to select the Plan mode and change the Range mode and discovered that when I utilized the relevant switches the display on the ND remained the same and would not allow me to effect changes on the EFIS. A couple of days later I used the 330 again and the same problem occurred, this time prior to take-off. I then uninstalled the aircraft and reinstalled it, and attempted another flight. The EFIS problem persists and I wonder if you can tell me why this may be happening. When I purchased the aircraft there were no such problems with the system. Thank you for any assistance. John Ferriss
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