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  1. Hi, Finally Problem solved with the New P3Dv5 version and new and fresh installation of Aerosoft A320/A321 professional. All lights are working fine.
  2. Hi, The latest version downloaded yesterday from my aerosfot account. regards,
  3. Hi, Can any one please tell me if you have reached a solution to this issue, I have no lights (NAV, Bacon, Landing lights, Strobe) on the AS A320 family in P3Dv5. Checked previous topics and did not see a final and confirmed solution , I tried all possible suggestions but did not work or changed the situation. Apricate any help. Thank you. Waleed.
  4. Hi again, Problem solved went through your steps carefully and corrected the problem. Keep the good Livery coming. Waleed
  5. Hi Holgi, i have the same problem The livery is showing up in the Livery Manager but when I load up the aircraft in the main menu its just shown that the cockpit and fuselage is nearly completely dark and some cases there is no aircraft in the FSX although i choose show all variant . i had all good and working fine but when my window updated to WIN 10 i started having those issues with FSX and i have the AIRBUS Series (last and current version). example the Saudi A320 from your collection was working fine and now i just cant have it back in the FSX folder. can you
  6. Hello, A nice scenery (OMAA) Abu Dhabi International Airport free: Flightsim.com - search for file-no. 139903 or direct download http://www.flightsim.com/kdl.php?fid=139903 If we can AES support to it. Thank you and Regards, Waleed
  7. Thank you for your input I tried it and it worked, now I see static aircrafts. Thank you.
  8. Hello, instead opening a new topic I will use this one. I have a similar problem I can’t see other traffic when I’m on line (IvAo) in LFMN or EBBR but when going to EDDF I can see moving traffic there!!! When going to default airports in FSX I see the traffic. Any Idea please. FSX sp2 Vista 32 sp2 no shadow on ground and disable Directx10 Regards, Waleed
  9. Done but same thing no static aircrafts !!! As i said i have LPPT and there is static aircrafts. Any idea please? Thank you,
  10. I did not find any files there with stat in the filename in the main Scenery floder for FSX or in EDDF files , what to do? Thank you.
  11. Just to add: I have LPPT and with the same setting i see statick aircrafts in the airport!!!! Regards,
  12. Thank you for the reply, Yes all airports are set to FSX in AESHelp. I will try the repair pushback for the pumping aircraft, it is happening in some airports like LSGG LSZH but not in EGLL!!! Regards,
  13. Thank you for the reply i have it on high density. Regards,
  14. Hello, From my experience with AES in FS9 things were perfect, I moved to FSX with Vista and things started to look difference: · In my departing airport AES 2.04 works fine with all commands, but when arriving to my destination supported by AES I don’t see the marshal and no commands are there my flight EGLL – LSZH · When I ask for push back the aircraft starts but pumping up and down until the push back is finished Any idea to help please. FSX SP2 Vista 32 Thank you, Waleed
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