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  1. The Glider is OK and nice concept but a little flawed in realism. Must agree with the comments on the instrument panel - it is generally illegible. Disappointing As an experienced real pilot and glider pilot my main worry is the awful glider handling! The pitch rate is far to fast, as is the roll rate. A 15/18m glider has a large inertia in its wing so inherently has a damped slew/roll rate. Can not this be accurately simulated? Similarly for the pitch. The Aerosoft Discus glider also exhibits pitch instability! its attitude bucks around and needs constant correction. Coordination of amount of control movement to aerodynamic effect also appears unrealistic? Any real glider that fly’s like this would be quickly grounded. The overall flight characteristics make the aircraft most uncomfortable and unenjoyable to fly. I usually find myself choosing the old DG808 even the ASK21 to enjoy some comfortable fun CumulusX and Simprobe cross country soaring. OK, I might be missing something in the setup? If so what....? I have tried a large range of variations of settings to little effect. Any hope of a trim lever in the cockpit? Regards Jonathan<BR style="mso-special-character: line-break"><BR style="mso-special-character: line-break">
  2. Great Glider but: 1 -The engine of Discus BT will not retract after use. Toggle switch clicks but nothing happens. Right mouse button operates switch but no retract? 2- There is not an active trim lever for trim position reference?
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