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  1. Il veut dire que il y est une fichier qu'est manquant. Quand vous avez réinstallé, est-ce que vous utilisez la même ".exe" fichier où est-ce que vous avez telechargé encore et puis reinstallé ? Si vous n'avez pas telechargé une nouvelle fichier, essayez d'être celui-là et voyez comment ça se passe ! Bonne Chance ! Matthieu (PS: pardon pour ma mal française, je suis actuellement anglais de souche !)
  2. @DaveCT2003 I have a watercooler and i've tried limiting the overclock the other day when I made the clock more stable as I kept getting BSOD's. I will re-install tomorrow if the weather radar tweak doesn't work! Cheers!
  3. @DaveCT2003 No nvidia tweaks in use. I have had the same problem after a re-install when I installed on my SSD which fixed the problem that at that time I was having with all of the planes. I have read another forum post about tweaking the weather scanning system on the airbus so i'm going to try that and if not will attempt a full re-install!
  4. @DaveCT2003 Sorry, I meant to say that I had tried both of them. Didn't make it clear enough, my bad
  5. If it helps, my freezes seem to be at certain times, they no longer happen when turning but happen every 10 or so seconds just freezing and starting again?? @DaveCT2003 @Meyerflyer tell me about it! it's so irritating that all of my other beastly VC planes run seamingly but this really struggles!
  6. I deleted both and deleting the shaders improved the quality ever so slightly but the problem persists!
  7. @DaveCT2003 thank's for the quick reply! Could the PTA preset that i'm using (the one that ships with the Ultimate Realism Pack) be the culprit also as I think that changes the shaders? I am now trying your other suggestions!
  8. Hi, I have been having troubles trying to get decent performance with this plane. At first my entire p3d was very stuttery and freezy but re-installing on a new SSD sorted that problem out for every other aircraft except the airbus weirdly? The framerate remains the same whatever plane I am in at around 35, in the airbus this is the same at around 35 but there are massive freezes when turning corners and during takeoff and landing making it extremely difficult to keep control of the plane! My specs are: i5 4690K OC @ 4.5GHz GTX 1060 3GB 8GB RAM The thing I don't understand is people on other forums and groups are saying the airbus produces better performance than the PMDG's but at the moment the PMDG 737, 747, 777 and the QualityWings 787 are all silky smooth and give no hassle whereas the airbus which is supposedly easier to run is at the moment unflyable. I have the latest release and have tried downgrading to be presented with the same result. I have also tried removing my overclock which just decreases performance and doesn't solve the problem. I have also deleted the generated files, the config and tried flying from a default airport and the problem persists but with a better framerate? Any help and advice would be great! Thanks in advance, Matthew
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