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  1. Hi, I bought "Carenado - C208B Grand Caravan (FSX / P3D)" and although I do a proper start sequence, the engine does not start. I can only start the engine with CTRL + E. Can I get help? Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the Opbast file, I did as you suggested but unfortunately it doesn't work. Video here (the video goes a bit jerky - it depends on the recording program - but you see the problem). I wanted to inform you that the file LIMC_LIB-Jetways.BGL did not exist in the scenery folder of the Milan Malpensa Professional airport. I noticed though that there is a LIMC_LIB-Jetways-SODE.BGL file (should I cancel it?). EDIT: I noticed that it is not a problem of Aerosoft's Milan Malpensa Professional airport, but of all airports. At this point I think it's a problem with P3D v4.4.
  3. Hi, the images you see below refer to Milan Malpensa Professional (LIMC) airport. As you can see, the first image shows the front door without jetway, while the second image (zoom out) regularly shows the jetway. Why does the jetway disappear when I zoom in?
  4. No, I checked carefully, in the Control Panel> Programs and features I didn't find anything.
  5. Ok, I did it (look at the picture). Now the unusual problem of the lack of the unistaller remains.
  6. If you mean the method I use to import AIRAC in PFPX, usually when Navigraph updates AIRAC and I open PFPX afterwards, the program asked me if I wanted to update to the latest version of AIRAC. But this time he doesn't ask me anything and if I try to update from Route Data> Route Database> select all> click update, always update to version 1607. I am then very interested to understand why I cannot uninstall PFPX. Ok, I will only leave C:\Users\Public\Documents\PFPX Data\NavData and I will insert this path into Navigraph. I will let you know.
  7. Hi srcooke, precisely what folders should I delete? I use Navigraph FMS Data Manager
  8. Hi, I have a couple of problems with PFPX: I use Navigraph and, for how many attempts I have made, I cannot find the right folder to update AIRAC in PFPX. I have read that it should be C:\Users\Public\Documents\PFPX Data\NavData but inside this folder there is another folder with the name NavData and, inside it another and then another 'else. In short, the path is this: C:\Users\Public\Documents\PFPX Data\NavData\NavData\NavData\NavData. It seems to me that something is wrong, because I absolutely can't update PFPX's AIRAC. I tried to uninstall PFPX but from the control panel I could not find the program and in the PFPX installation folder (F:\Programmi\Professional Flight Planner X) I did not find any unistall file. Can you help me solve it please? I tried to make a new installation hoping that the program would give me an option to uninstall or correct the errors, but it didn't happen. Thank you.
  9. In fact, I thought I would get help from people with more experience than me anyway.
  10. Hi, I purchased Anchorage Professional (P3D v4.4), a really well-made airport. Congratulations! At the first landing, however, I had a problem: ProAtc X assigned me a parking lot that does not exist: Terminal 1 Gate 90 (see image below). The airport, in scenery library, is put above everything else. I don't understand the problem. Can I get help? Thank you.
  11. I did not understand, could you explain it better? Thank you.
  12. I use a standard AFCAD with Prepar3D v 4.4 64 bit (Windows 8.1 64 bit). Ok, I'm waiting for the update, thanks.
  13. Hello, I realized that in the scenario "Mega Airport Rome the numbering of the gates is wrong. Gate 503: not present in the "Start Location" menu of P3D Gate 508: not present in the "Start Location" menu of P3D If instead you choose the gate 511 (present in P3D) I find myself at gate...... 503. Houston we have a problem? šŸ˜€
  14. Can I hope for an answer please? Even if the "VIEW SYSTEM" option is set to OFF, the F11 key continues to be assigned to "PEDESTAL VIEW". I had thought about buying a third-party addon for the views (for example ChasePlane), but I'm afraid I would not solve anything, since the aircraft.cfg file continues to predominate over everything. I'm right?
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