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  3. Joachim Joy!! - I have managed to reinstall Discus after earlier problem. Have also installed update 1.5 I now wonder should I see a 2d cockpit? I have the enlarged PDA with shift+2, but no 2d panel with shift+1, nor with F10 on keyboard as usual. I notice in Panel folder there is a Panel_2d bitmap ( totally black) and this is new over earlier version, and an inclusion in the panel.cfg for Main Panel (window00) but with no gauges. Am I missing something? regards daveywavy
  4. Raphael Sorry Raphael but not clear what you ask for. When attempting to install Discus the message on screen is exactly as I stated in my first post.(Not strictly an 'error' message but install will go no further) regards daveywavy
  5. Joachim Further to my first post, I now have all working except for Discus. Will still not install and gives me same error message. Have searched Internet for answer but found none. Problem seems to be met by gamers trying to install their programs. I wonder if your colleague has replied and I have missed it elsewhere among the topics. If not, looks like I am stuck until such time I decide on HD wipe clean and reload OS!! A shortlived but interesting acquaintance with Discus. regards daveywavy
  6. Joachim I again seek your help. To try and solve an issue with FSX I unloaded and reinstalled everything (including Acceleration). Now I cannot get installer for Discus to work. Message is: >SetupNew\setup.cpp(140) PAPP: PVENDOR: PGUID $ @WindowsXP Service Pack3(2600) IE Version: 6.0.2900.5512. Also cannot install WinchX, CumulusX, Sim_Probe with message: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight SimulatorX\WinchX\Winch.exe This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. reinstalling the application may fix this problem. Same message appears with CumulusX, and Sim_Probe( with last two entries of the line changing to match these) The Exe.xml files seem ok in their correct location. FSUICP4 and Aerotow loaded no problem. Maybe I did not delete all of Acceleration and reloaded on top of old install. System Restore does not work for me (neither in Safe Mode) Have you and/or Peter L. any idea how to sort this out before I tear all my hair out!! regards daveywavy
  7. Joachim All is well! Clearly the installer put a folder/file into fsx that disappeared with my hard drive problem. Have to remember this if ever I have to reinstall. Again many thanks for your prompt help. regards daveywavy
  8. Sorry, Joachim, do not understand when you say try a normal reinstall - I thought I was doing this by simply copying the entire folders of the three Discus from my external HD to Simobjects/Airplanes folder of FSX. Still no joy. daveywavy
  9. Joachim Hope you can help! Had to have new internal hard drive fitted and reloading all my FSX material, now cannot reload Discus (saved on external HD) Error message is_ DirectSound Error, followed by: Aerosoft_Sound_System_Discus ( with entries such as Toggle_Master_Battery.wav ) Seems I cannot load the additional folder contained within 'Sound' folder - and FSX stalls. What am I doing wrong? regards daveywavy
  10. Hi Hope I'm in right place to get some help on this. Just started to get to grips with Traffic Explorer in SDK of FSX. Yesterday I had success in creating and flying alongside another aircraft on a flight plan. I minimised FSX to do something else, but on re-entering and trying another flight got error message: 'Cannot create aircraft' This morning switched on computer and was again successful. Minimised again but again on re-entry got same message. Anyone familiar with this tool and can point up what I am doing wrong - greatly appreciated. daveywavy
  11. Michael Natürlich haben Sie kein Glück mit der Piper Cub - es erfordert mindestens die Supercub oder Pawnee mit viel kräftigerem Motor. So wie im Leben. Machen Sie einen Versuch mit der Extra 300 (dumm aber nür eine Probe) - dann werden Sie etwas ganz anders sehen!! daveywavy
  12. I think Joachim has the point. I've just brought up Discus B and zoomed in to about Joachim's level in his screen shot- poor legibility. BUT followed his advice and in Global Options box of Display Settings moved slider of Global texture resolution just one notch higher to max. at 'very high' (I normally have it set at 'high'). I fly all the time with anisotropic filtering, and antialiasing box ticked/checked anyway. Lo-a panel with the same clarity as in the image. Tried it on Discus BT and BM with same positive result. Just that one notch higher makes a big difference.
  13. Well - after bruin's post I thought I'd give it one last go. Deleted my Aerotow (new version) off computer but leaving EXE.xml entry intact. Loaded earlier version and have just been in and out of FSX trying it. It works! Tested Piper Supercub at different pattern durations; at down to 30 secs achieved continuous circles up to release height. Changed tug to Pawnee and similar results. Maybe I did not try the earlier version on my new computer after all. However, I'll leave my joy as not totally unalloyed and my rapture remains modified for now -but all looks very promising (a small price to pay to lose the on-screen pop-up menu of the later version). So, thanks to wingman5 and bruin for their help, and I'll now shut up about this subject!
  14. Sorry Joachim but I can only agree with binky9. By no stretch of the imagination can the panel labels be said to be legible, and I have given up on the compass! I was saying the same thing earlier. This is my very first Payware aircraft and it disappoints in these respects. After all, I cannot help using the default DG808S and the gliders of Wolfgang Piper as my yardsticks - all models of clarity. I hope you can fix these issues in your planned update. Meanwhile I am now flying the Discus with a 'windowed' compass in the top right of the screen and also a 'windowed' Garmin 295 (default) in the top left when I want it. After all, I do like the ability to find a nearest airfield in case of running out of height, and Garmin gives me all the info. I need - perhaps especially height above sea level! Incidentally, I was intrigued when I set a waypoint with Garmin and the red line popped up on the Discus PDA. I checked distance on the C4 computer and there it was matching Garmin info. Hope our points are constructive because I just had to have the Discus. I fly Discus BM most of the time and delight in the self-launch. Also I cannot leave the ventilation panel alone - the sounds on opening are something else.
  15. Thanks wingman5 I have tried both versions you mention - on my old machine and new one. No joy! I noticed that in November 2008 Bruin was asking Paavo ( the developer?) for a fix to address this very problem - I wonder if any answer? It is true the developer warned it was a bit of a trial program and could not guarantee stability. You seem to be fortunate - happy aerotowing ---hey ho! daveywavy
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