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  1. I have already seen this. I am not talking about sigmets but for SIGWX (significant weather) Have a look here what i mean :
  2. Nice upgrade options. I want to ask if there will be an option to see or print the route along with SIGWX weather. I believe that many flight simmers prefer this option mostly
  3. Good day. I have seen a lot of youtube videos about the pfpx and other real aviation softwares too. I am using Simbrief actually and i am keen on pfpx because has more functionality. I came across with a video today from a real flight planning software and i 've seen these options : Does PFPX have the same options as seen from screenshots above or will they be implemented in a future update ?I mean -Option to SIGWX ,Hazards,SIGMETs on flight route screen (simbrief has that option for sigwx and skyvector has the sigmets and weather radar functionality like echo tops,base reflectivity) -Option to Avoid Turbulence,Icing,Convective areas (thunderstorms etc),NATs, -Option to select POLAR routing or not (not seen above my suggestion) -Option to see fuel prices at many airports (not seen above my suggestion)
  4. Hello simmers and developers! It is sad that the "improved" version of FSX ,(i mean Flight Sim World) is stopped from further development. It had some nice features like truesky, windshield rain ,64bit support many improvements etc so.. hold your breath just a suggestion...It would be ideal for the community, aerosoft take the risk and invest on the same platform.I mean buy eula ,source etc and continue the development. Imagine an Aerosoft Flight Sim World What's you opinion?
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