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  1. Hi, I'm having a very similar problem with my F53 in P3D V4.2. The GPU sounds fine but the sound that is corrupt for me is the pilot oxygen mask breathing sound. It is very choppy and metallic sounding. During the takeoff roll this sound stutters and then stops and the sim has a CTD before getting airborne. I haven't tried disabling the ASC.dll file yet to see if this helps. Cheers, John
  2. Hi, I'm just getting into the F-14 Extended in P3D V4. I didn't get a chance to use it in P3D V3 as I had purchased it just before moving over to P3D V4. Now that I've had some time to do some training and familiarization flying I'd like to make a comment on the Transonic effects on both the VSI and Altimeter. It would appear that this transonic modeling is quite exaggerated in my experience. Both the VSI and Altimeter fluctuate wildly between about 0.91 and 1.1 Mach. Normally through flight testing and wind tunnel data, any positional error in the static ports is biased out in the aircraft instruments. The effect I'm seeing in the sim is what a constant shock wave travelling back and forth over the pitot/static probe would do. There should only be one perceptible bump in the VSI, Altimeter and Mach/Airspeed indicator as the shock wave passes the probe at Mach 1. Any insight into this observation would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, John
  3. Just to confirm what is happening to Peter, I have the same problem with Shift+8. The sim either freezes or has a CTD when I press this key combo. Cheers, John
  4. No update in almost 4 months. I'm almost beginning to think this won't happen. Hope it does though as P3D V4 is my main sim now. Cheers, John
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