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  1. I have a strange thing going on. When I make a print (loadsheet/weather report), the paper is not shown, neither on the printer nor on the clipboard. It is there though, because I can click on "it" and then it becomes visible. Anyone know what is going on?
  2. I have a question about the Aerosoft Airbus Pro in combination with GSX (Level2). When I start boarding my Airbus Pro via the GSX menu, the boarding proces starts (BOARDING and CARGO become green) but the ACT value of passengers and cargo don't go up. It does work with refuelling, when I refuel via the GSX menu the ACT amount of fuel in my bus actually goes up. Also, before the boarding proces, FUEL and BOARDING are orange, but CARGO is white? Am I doing something wrong? I do my loading via the A3xx Fuelplanner/Loadsheet.
  3. Is there an Edelweiss repaint for the A320 available somewhere?
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