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  1. Thank you Tom I am almost there. Did another clean install of MSFS and ended up with the same issue. Then went through the steps in the link you posted and the Powershell command is what got me past the black screen. Had to log into XBox_Live account again but after that the full download started. It took for hours but MSFS launched OK after download. However when I try and launch MSFS from start menu I get the same black screen issue. As it stands I can only launch MSFS using the powershell command. Any ideas on this? But thanks again for getting me this close
  2. I purchased the DVD box set of MSFS 2020 deluxe from you when it was released. I have now performed a full clean rebuild of software on my PC and wanted to reinstall MSFS 2020 onto an SSD other than my system disk SSD where it was installed before. My first attempt was to install MSFS from the 10 DVDs not sure if I had to do this. I installed core MSFS to C:\Users\xxxxxxxxx\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe. But installed MSFS content to a larger SSD drive 😧 This all went OK and I went into MS Store and MSFS was showing as I had purchased it back in August 2020 so I clicked install and it downloaded core 1.6GB and seemed to install OK. My problem is when I run MSFS 2020 (as administrator) it begins to launch but then hangs leaving just a blank black screan. When windowed MSFS 2020 app is showing version the latest version but it never gets to the point where its check for updates as I would expect. I then completely removed MSFS and DVD content using Settings/Apps Add/Removed. My second attempt was to skip installing content from the 10 DVDs. Instead I just went straight into MS Store and installed MSFS from there. Again the download and the install went OK but I get the same issue It starts to launch but hangs after a couple of seconds. Would appreciate any advice on this issue and clarification of of the steps I should carrying when reinstalling the box set version I am assuming this is nothing to do with installing MSFS ion a different disk Thanks in advance
  3. I do not usually get involved in these forums but as someone who pre-ordered this item with Amazon UK back in March last year it seems to me that Aerosoft are simply blowing smoke. The fact is that after all the delays last year that triggered automated revised delivery date emails from Amazon UK something very different happened in December last year. Someone somewhere triggered a transaction that effectively cancelled the expected shipment of these units to Amazon UK. That is why we all got automatic don’t know if or when emails. Who did this and why are the key questions, but do not expect Amazon UK to suddenly get any stock before the next due delivery scheduled to reach Amazon UK at the end of February. And this is a completely different shipment from the US. Either Amazon UK, Honeycomb Aeronautical or the someone else in the supply chain cancelled the planned delivery to Amazon UK from the previous shipment that arrived in Germany in December. When I contacted Amazon UK I noticed just how keen they were to get me to cancel my order, so much so, that I would not be surprised if Amazon UK just cancelled all the pre-orders and decide selling these items is more hassle than it is worth. I know I would.
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