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  1. hi mathijs but there is only the p4 version there. shouldn't be also a p5 version? thanks
  2. hi everybody, i installed the crj to p3d v5, i selected the raas to be installed upon restart but when the computer restarted the installation didn't start when i looked inside the support files, there was only raas for p3d v4 i have bought and downloaded the crj from the official aerosoft website. do i miss something? or raas works only in p3d v4 for the crj? thanks
  3. thenikos

    dome lights

    hi mopperle and thanks for the answer. it was the integ lights finally and i don't think i use any shaders. like tomato or ptas. i just use active sky with its cloud art. but i never had any problem to my other planes or even to aerosoft planes. thank you very much again
  4. thenikos

    dome lights

    good morning, i forgot to write that it is about the A330. thanks
  5. thenikos

    dome lights

    hi everybody, i am not sure if i post in the right place, system, or it has something to do with textures but when i start from cold and dark, in a night flight, the dome is always dark. while the rest of the plane is very bright. i use lorby flashlight and i attach a photo of the dome being lighted by that app. i think it should look like that also. so photo1 is what i get. photo2 is with lorby flashlight on-what i think i should get. and photo3 is how the rest of the plane looks, very lighted. do you think i forgot to switch on a light? thanks
  6. thank you very much !! that was it
  7. hi michael and everybody, 2 days now (don't laugh...) i try to move the guard over the radio rack blower to make sure the switch is set to norm but i didn't manage it. i use the cargo version. i have seen a video in youtube that somebody manages to open and close the guard. how can we do it? as long as i pass the mouse cursor over the guard, it becomes hand but nothing happens with right or left klik. neither if i drug it up down left or right. any ideas? thanks
  8. i made some experiments and i would like to add something in this topic: when i have the active sky opened, the altitude alert lights don't blink. they only blink when i start p3d without the active sky weather. always when i set the dark and cold situation of course. so maybe there is something with the baro info the plane gets. of course i know nothing about programming i just want to mention it to michael because he said he will take a look at it thanks
  9. it sounds very nice !! thank you very much or in the next update you could implement it to the code. to remember the last state chosen on the fuel manager and start it always like that
  10. i think it is faster to press the cold and start button in the fuel manager i thought maybe we could edit a config or ini file to make it permanent. thanks !!
  11. hi everybody. i have put the dc8 in cold and start state but the altitude alert ligths are blinking. is that normal? or should i do something else? thank you !!
  12. hi, is there any way to start the dc8 always in cold and dark? thank you
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