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  1. I've desactivated the "Force Ecam Software Rendering" button and my FPS increased (4 fps more than before, for example on Madeira Scenery from 18 to 22fps).With a good graphic card it seems a good idea to switch off this button.

    Correct. The option is enabled by default as its fail safe.

  2. I do not complain of professionalism in his work Mathijs (airbus x extended) which I think it is not serious and reliable.

    Ahhh.... Ignored.

    To add on what Finn said,

    Its sad to see what the forum had tumbled into (hence the purpose of the reference of my post above), I can clearly see the exhaustion of moderators (and even Mathijs) trying to keep the preview thread straight and going. We clearly have a few users (not all) who likes to provoke other users by asking for certain things that is already known taboo.

    This certainly is not a democratic forum and that means YOU HAVE THE PRIVILEGE TO POST BUT BE PREPARED TO BE HELD GUNPOINT for what you said. People who think they can get away just because they are online and untraceable, I think you look into your own lives and you will see that not only you are having problems online, you are having problems with your personal life. Why? The apples doesn't fall far from a tree.

    This post may start a fireball but hopefully it gives users a reality check. If you are under constant "attack" by moderators and all this, perhaps its time to reflect on what you did wrong and instead of defending yourselves, think hard on how can you be helpful. if you cant be helpful, LEAVE THIS PLACE.

    This post reflects my opinion and is not representative of aerosoft.

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  3. Hello all,

    I use SAITEK yoke and registered FSUIPC to calibrate it.

    I noticed that the elevator axis is highly sensitive in the DHC6.

    Meaning that a small deflection of the axis, results in large deflection of the DHC6 elevators.

    I also fly the Carenado C152, and I don't sense this.

    is someone experiencing this as well? How can solve this through FSUIPC?

    Do I need to set a special response curve for the DHC?


    Maybe you can try reading this thread tough its not about the DHC: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/51686-controls-hyper-sensitive/

  4. Hi Joshua,

    Nice work, I appreciate all your effort into improving the Airbus X however it does not work very well for me. I am using the Saitek Cessna Pro Yoke and Throttle and it worked flawlessly the first time, except for the throttle axis. The reverse levers engaged when I advanced the throttles or the throttles wouldn't move smoothly until they were past the CL detent. I tried FInn's throttle setup as per his thread then more issues arose. It is too bad that it does not work for me, perhaps that is why you wrote that a joystick is required. I still have my HOTAS Cougar and may have to bring that out of retirement.

    Again, thanks for all your hard work.


    The throttle issue is not related to my FBW at all. Nevertheless, if you need help, Drop me a PM!

  5. It's not like it wants to trim itself. Infact it trimms itself! Thats called autotrim and is an important feature of airbus aircraft. However you should be able to trim on short final and during takeoff as the flight law changes and these features are inhibited in this flight phases. PS. As a A320 FO i can say that the airbus x really is tricky to land. The reaction to the.pitch sidestick inputs during the approach before the law changes are way to slow and not nearly enough to handle the pitch in a correct way.

    If you have FSUIPC, you can try my alternative FBW: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/52266-my-alternative-to-aerosoft-fbw-v10-alpha1g-need-fsuipc/. I would love a real world pilot onboard.

  6. I attached the Standard.xml. Hopefully will help. Thanks! Edit: elevators work fine, I used LUA file from this forum for throttle, it works also fine, only ailerons not. I changed Lua FBWROLL with Axis Ailerons Set from FSUIPC and they work but try always to go back to normal position, so I suppose somewhere ailerons are still configured even if joystick is disabled in FSX config.

    If you use FSUIPC calibration, I think it will directly bypass my FBW and hence flutter (my FBW command 0 because no input but FSUIPC command lets say 45 percent and so forth)

    Your FSX assignment seems fine. Strange...

    Screenshot your FSUIPC assignment for each Lua FBWROLL Lua FBWELEV Lua FBWRUD

  7. I decided to try this mod also, but I get ''flickering'' on F/CTL pages for ailerons and elevator when I do the control check, then I can not control the plane.. ailerons and elevators are always oscillating and try to get back in their 0 position.

    Any idea of what could be the problem? I did like pdf tutorial says (or maybe I missed something...)

    (one mention, I don't have pedals for rudder, so I don't use/need rudder axis configured for now, eventually I use keyboard)

    Axis are recognized when I am in FSUIPC.

    Type this into your windows explorer %AppData%\Microsoft\FSX\controls. Zip or paste the standard.xml here. Double check your axis assignment is not assigned in FSX controls (NOT FSUIPC) .

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