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  1. Somehow i managed to fix it...but it is very strange. Week ago I change PM voice in Aerosoft Airbus Configurator from default to British. It works normaly this week...until today. Simply I just tried to change everything back to default and it works...very strange. But THANK YOU for your time.
  2. I'm sorry sir, but I'm not sure if I understand the question. What do you mean with "Bus"? If it helps somehow, I use FSX:SE and GSX level 1.
  3. I have problem with Airbus checklist. I have started pushback with GSX as always. I chose start without pushback and start engine 2, but no ,,engine 2 is stabilized" I restart simulator and chose start with pushback with engines start, after almost 2 minutes ,,engine two is stabilized" so i start engine 1, GSX procedure is normaly completed, but no ,,engine 1 is stabilized" I have been waiting for 30 minutes...nothing. And even after GSX procedure I still have message: ,,Follow AES/GSX instructions". I have tried almost everything. Please HELP...and that all start after yesterday, when I uprgraded GSX after long time.
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