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  1. Hello Hanse; *I am tracking on the EFB issue with navigraph, thanks for that info. I will be looking out for further details in that regards. *In regards to the MCDU3 CLs, it's the same issue that was posted on a previous post which you addressed already. If I read you correctly, the fault has been noticed and there was a link posted for "Push Back and Checklist Functionality" PDF which I did try it out with both GSX Options on (Yes/No) and now what it's occurring its that once prompted on the "Cockpit Prep CL" it only reaches Item #4 and no further voice interaction between the CPT & FO its heard and the "Before Start CL" did not come up on the MCDU3. You mentioned something about "There seems to be something wrong with your installation", So do you think I should un-install and re-install the A330 and test it out and send feedback on what resulted? v/r Fernando R.
  2. Hello Mates; Since the lasts update for the A330 more problems are emerging. Already attempted two flights with the A330 and ran into a problem with the Before Start Checklist and now once prompted the Cockpit Preparation Checklist its completely stops working after calling out the either 3rd or 4th Item (Eng. Fire Test). I have already tested the Checklist on the remaining Airbuses (A318/19/20/21) in my Sim Pd3v4.5 and so far are working just fine. Note Question; Additionally while at it, the Tablet that appeared on the cockpit after the update download keeps showing an "Error" msg after logging in at the configurator tab the first time So, does this must be done every time before a flight???...Any thoughts or guidance for this two issues please?
  3. Hanse if I read you correct, If I am using UGSX for push back I must turn of the GSX option on the MCDU3 prior to start push back then?. I tested a flight with the A321/19/& 18 this past days and the UGSX for push back and engine start and the checklist did advance without any problems however, this it's only happening to the A330. I tried what Rolf (Jahn2000) did "Change the State" to ready for "Taxiing" and the checklist did proceed to the next phase without any problem. Did I read you correct on the UGSX matter? v\r Fernando R.
  4. Hi Hanse; I have being using UCGX application for pushback since released and prior to this latest Aerosoft Update and there were no issues happening plus the flow of the checklists (Start Push, Start & After Start) ran through without any problems. I did always configured the Push Back on the MCDU3 prior to prompt "Cockpit Prep Chklist Option" and also prompted "Yes" for the GSX option. During recent flight attempted the MCDU3 did not advance to the "Before Start Checklist" once the main door was shut and the sound of the crew announcing it to the CPT did not sounded off as well. Any thoughts or advise? v/r Fernando Rentas
  5. Deficiencies after updates continues; Just doing a test flight as well and now on mine (A330) checklist got stuck. The Before Checklist worked without problems, at the time of all doors to closed, did not heard the attendant's informing that all passengers are secured and did not proceed to the "Before Start Checklist", however the "Start Push" worked as well the "Start" and nothing further took place. No function or sound during "Engine Start" or "After Engine Start". I also changed screen view (exterior) just in case and nothing happened. Any thoughts?
  6. Hi Hanse; A new problem now occurred after downloading the published updates for all Airbuses. I am currently doing a test flight with the A319 and twice the MCDU3 stuck at starting engine phase. Both times I have gone through the steps correctly to make sure and when prompt to start Eng2 during pushback, voice of FO no longer it's heard or the checklist advances. I am also using UGCX for the push back phase. Any thoughts, remedy or suggestions please? v/r FRL
  7. Hi Hanse; Thanks for the post. I have not being able to get into the Sim lately. I look into this first chance I get, probably this weekend and post some feedback. Best
  8. Ops!...wth???..Fellaws right after I posted and went back to the Sim the taxiing checklist was in progress then completed and did not proceed any further from "before Takeoff Chklist". Any thoughts?? v/r Fernandito
  9. Hi Mates; I have just experience this same problem here on my during taxiing. My flight plan was out of ZBAA to RKSI. All steps done correctly but when I prompted L4 it disappeared and remained off with the "initiate taxiing>10 knots msg on the bottom as such. There it's no remedy to skip and proceed at all? v/r Fernandito
  10. SUCCESS!!!!!...300/300..Full Flight....Thanks Mates! FRL
  11. Hi Mates; @ Mop....Those graphics are just windows that I used during flights, just for visual. Door entrance & Rear of the Vehicle. Mop did I read you clearly?.."Reason for No Support" because of those graphics?..How it's so?..Could explain a bit more on that?. Are those graphics related to the cause for the Fuel Planner not to work correctly?? Thanks Dave for that guidance. I will try that advise and send feedback on result. Wao!...Gentz, I think that I have just figure what was mentioned earlier about (Enable experimental updates in the ASUpdater), it's this what was mentioned?. Yes!..Antivirrus & firewall were disactivated prior to run the ASUpdater & FSDT. Will be testing here shortly and send feedback soon. Thanks! FRL
  12. Experimental Updates?? Mop could you assist me with some guidance how to accomplish that at the ASUpdater please?, I don't see a path of the updater to enable that process, first time I heard of that! FRL
  13. Ok, Lets see if I nailed it this time; 1. Ran FSDT - Chk 2. Run ASU Updater - Chk 3. Created Fuel Plan - Chk (300px) 4. Uploaded the Fuel Plan on the MCDU - Success 5. Prompted for Refueling - Completed 6. Prompted Catering - Completed 7. Prompted Boarding - Stopped at 44 px out of 300. Any thoughts Mates? FRL
  14. Hi Mates; @Han & Masterhawk; Any further details or info to share about this issue listed? FRL
  15. Thanks Mates for the reply and info; Han, I will research that route... @Masterhawk; Yes Sir, I do have both latest versions ....The topic its the same link that Han listed for me above or there it's a different one? Han I have looked that up and looks like no further actions or remedy have being published.....its that correct??...So this issue its being going on a quiet some time then... FRL
  16. Hello Mates; I have attempted to do several flights with the A333 and after choosing a Full Flight choice for Pax (290) at the time of boarding the number chosen its not achieved. Only 44 pax boarded. Would this be a GSX Issue or its there are remedy to enable to correct this?
  17. Hi Mates, I have just acquired this vehicle and while testing it, I am searching for the manual that will explain me or point out how to get the Radio Set to work. Currently are not functioning?. It's this a new feature? Everything so far it's operable FRL
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