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  1. Hello gents, Is there any way to program (or create a keyboard combination) that will open an FMC window? I find it a little annoying to either cycle to the MCDU or pull that view from the dropdown menu every time I want check something? I can't seem to find a way to go directly to the MCDU view. However I'm old and probably missing the obvious. Any suggestions? Thanks, Grandpa
  2. Thanks guys. I discovered that if I ran notepad as administrator I was able to modify the aircraft cfg. file and the computer accepted the changes. Simply opening notepad and making the changes won't work. The text program, whatever you use, must be run as administrator or the computer chokes. Grandpa
  3. Hello again gents, With your help I have been able to download the Air Canada livery for my A-320. However when I try to save the required changes to the aircraft cfg. file I am told "Access Denied" and that I don't have the administrator status to make the changes. I am signed onto the computer as the Administrator but that doesn't do the trick. Once again, I'm way beyond my depth and need a hand to get out. Appreciate any help---oh, and I'm using FSX and Vista. Thanks, Grandpa
  4. Great job young man from a Canadian grandfather who flew many hous in the aircraft!! I wich I could learn how to do the repains myself. Thanks, Grandpa
  5. Hello gents, I hate to sound stupid but it's a long-standing problem of mine. I have seen on the forum an Air Canada A321 Airbus repaint beautifully done by a fellow named Barnes. As a Canadian, I would love a copy of that repaint for FSX but I don't know how to go about downloading it, or for that matter if it is downloadable. Can anyonyone give me some instructions? Thanks, Grandpa
  6. Thanks Shaun, You were right...problem solved. Eric
  7. I have noticed that the Nav radios are not picking up the VOR Morse identifiers. Nav is correctly tuned, nav panel switch shows green, 10nm from VOR but no identifier. Do we have a bug here or am I missing something? Thanks Eric
  8. My OS is Vista. I have read the site notes on where this file resides but I'll be damned if I can find the thing. Can somebody tell me exactly how to get to it. Even the Vista search engine can't locate it. Thanks Eric
  9. Hello Shaun, I purchased the Piper Cheyenne from the Pilot's Shop on July 3, 09. Would it have been the latest update version or should I purchase what now seems to be an updated version of the Piper Cheyenne X? I'm sorry but I don't know how to tell which version is which. Thanks for your help. Eric
  10. Someimes the Cheyenne opens wih the APU attached, sometimes with chocks and tow bar. How do I control these opions? hanks, Eric
  11. Hi folks, I noticed that Shaun had posted that an up date for the Piper Cheyenne came available 29 June 2009 - 07:09 PM. My original version was downloaded from the Pilot Shop. How do I obtain the update? Thanks, Eric
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