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  1. Hi, I'm not able to pass two checklist points (with co pilot OFF) caused by external lights. What are the light configuration needed for : Taxi ? After landing ? I tried all configurations but without success and the documentation didn't help. Any help will be appreciated... Thanks and regards, Pack
  2. Hi, Thanks Klisura, it works ! But one question : how did you manage to find those values ? My last point is to be able to handle doors, not easy.... Thanks and regards, Pack
  3. Hi, I'm building my own cockpit with tablets and touchscreens to handle buttons (OVH, PDS, FCU) with FSUIPC Lvar and Events. The idea is to not use the mouse. I could share some piece of software when finished... But I'm stuck with some buttons which are needed to pass checklist : OVH Radio power On Cockpit record On Pred w/S power On Unlock cockipt door (to have a good coffee 😉 [Click and drag to move] ). How to handle those buttons with lvars or event ? I didn't find them in any documentation. Thanks in advance, Regards, Pack
  4. Hi, I'm experiencing the same issue mentionned in those closed topics : I just resintalled all my PC and only after 3 flights this issue happens ( after investing a lot of time to found patch and other stuff to make the MCDU server working....). But I can't even hear that i have to resintall the add-on after only 3 flights. And as I purchased it with steam i can't follow your procedure. Could you please provide a fix to this very annoying issue ? Thanks and regards,
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