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  1. Anyone have the same problem?
  2. Today starting from ULMM with -14 C, right from the start my anemometer showed 0. I had the anti-ice on in the most severe conditions possible The anemometer unlocked for only a few seconds, marking my speed but then immediately returned to 0.
  3. This livery is very beautiful: https://www.airliners.net/photo/Overseas-National-Airways-ONA/McDonnell-Douglas-DC-8-63CF/3937745
  4. This is fantastic http://www.airliners.net/photo/Seaboard-World-Airlines/Douglas-DC-8-55-F/1701381/L?qsp=eJwtjcEKwjAQRP9lzx4UoUhv9QNUUPC8bIYaiE3Y3YKl9N%2BNwdvw5jGzkuTJ8fHHUkA9GVjlRTsqrPw26ldSjNFc2WOeBvGZU/Uup313f1bPsvp5qSSwYxBBcYQ/v2qA/iqYtMmxXhxqgN5apmNXeYhWErcNOMdE2/YFTOMyLg%3D%3D
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