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  1. Leggo

    Weapons T5 T55.

    Hi again..thank you. Yep..got it. Cheers leggo
  2. Leggo

    Weapons T5 T55.

    Hi good evening. Many thanks for your help. I will give it a go and let you know the outcome. Very grateful to you Cheers Leggo
  3. Leggo

    Weapons T5 T55.

    Hi.At present I am getting to grips with the T5 55 Lightening. When it comes to the weapons, I can understand the differences between the aircraft, but i cannot seem to get the same range of weapons to work on the same type of aircraft. I can use the cannon on the T55 Kuwait colours. The rockets will load on different sortie but will not fire. The other T55 no cannons at all and no rockets will fire! Am I missing something here? Kindest regards Leggo
  4. Leggo

    T5 and Tacpack

    Hi again, just got in,,,one of those days...silly people. Yep..it works I now have the sight up....many thanks for your assistance. Leggo
  5. Leggo

    T5 and Tacpack

    Hi and many thanks for the "heads up" regarding the weapons on the T5. I am on duty at the moment but I will come back to if I may and let you know what happens. It was the location of the sight I could,not find. many thanks once again
  6. Leggo

    T5 and Tacpack

    Hi all. Have the F6 etc I bought the T5 all for fsx. All is ok with the F6 but with the T5 I cannot find the weapon sight switch nor it seems any weapon, which I think is because there is no sight.Tacpack is working fine on my other aircraft including the EE f6 group. Sadly not the T5. can you help me please. great aircraft wow! kindest regards Leggo