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  1. I have the same issue after updating to v.
  2. I need it to change the ILS frequency if the one of the AIRAC does not match with the one of the scenery or to tune a different NAV2 for go around procedure or to set the DME HOLD for a DME if the ILS is without DME.
  3. I found another workaround: After insertion of the coordinates into the right bottom of the POS INIT page press the EXEC button on the FMS.
  4. I have the same issue, too. (FSX, CRJ version What helps for the moment is to reinitialize the aircraft by loading it again or changing the aircraft state with DAVE several times until it workes. It seems like the coordinates are not getting "executed" whilst entered on the right bottom section of the POS INIT page.
  5. Hello, I just downloaded the version with the new NAV-to-NAV transfer function that automatically tunes the ILS frequency to NAV1 and NAV2 during approach. Unfortunately when this happens I am no longer able to manually tune NAV1 and/or Nav2. I tried it via the RADIO page of the FMS and via RTU. The RADIO page on FMS switches from "auto" to "man" but the frequency immediately switches back to the ILS frequency. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? Regards, Arne
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